27 Oct 2011

Amazeballs shoes - Topshop Strut platform heels - glitter or gold and leopard

Now and again, you come across an item which literally makes you stop, stare and check your bank balance. When I first saw these shoes, it was instant love, but the price caused our romance to end as quick as it started.  

I see things I want all the time and have a little internal argument with myself about whether or not I really need to buy them (tell me you do this too and I'm not actually crazy).  Usually, if I decide I don't need to buy something, painful as it may be there in the moment, minutes later I've forgotten all about it.  

But, occasionally, there are items that stalk and taunt us, not giving up until we give in.  I present you with exhibit A.

I first spied these glittery platform beauties on the topshop website, shed a little tear over the fact that I wasn't going to buy them, and moved on.  Then those sneaky topshop faeries sent me an email with several innocent looking items I might want to buy... nestled amongst them were the shoes.  Resisting them a second time was tough, but I pulled through.  

Not satisfied with this defeat, the shoes upped their game, enlisting the power of my twitter timeline to coax me into indulging my glitter penchant.

And there and then, it was all over.  I had no power left to resist them for a third time.  These shoes have chosen me as their victim and I have no choice but to buy them.  

I snuck back online to check them out again, counting the sleeps until pay day, when a little curve ball landed smack in my face - in the shape of the leopard and gold heeled version.  

What are these shoes trying to do to me?!!  

Even worse, the leopard version is now sold out online so I'm going to have to venture into topshop to check out both pairs and I'll make my decision there and then when I've seen them both up close.  There is absolutely no way I'm buying both.  The bold and underlining to emphasize that is purely for my own benefit to reinforce the fact in my own mind.

I'm leaning towards loving the gold and leopard ones more, or maybe that's just because they're sold out and you always want what you can't have?  

Which pair would you choose?  And do you suffer with shoes stalking you too?  Perhaps we can form a support group =)



  1. WOW! What two pairs of gorgeous shoes! I think I'm swaying towards the gold leopard print ones more!! :)


  2. Sparkles! I swear I was a magpie in a former life. :) Love those shoes! xx

  3. I love those glittery shoes the most. Topshop shoes are my favourite along with New Look. Today I had an arguement with myself in New Look about whether I should buy a 3rd pair of gold glittery shoes but I decided since they were the most perfect pair of shoes I had ever seen, for £15.99 I was allowed them!

  4. black gold & leopard! These shoes are so cute!


  5. eeeekkk!! I love them both! I love this style of platform heel! :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  6. Love, love, love the glitter platforms!

  7. I love the glitter ones, I want them too! x


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