6 Oct 2011

Lazy girl's guide to easy galaxy nails

You've probably seen a few tutorials for galaxy nails using several colours of polish, sponging techniques and all sorts.  There's just not room for those shenanigans in my life, so I decided to cheat my way to the same starry night effect.  

I don't think they're too far off even if I do say so myself!

I used OPI Russian Navy, but any deep dark blue polish will do

For my starry galaxy effect I used Models Own juicy jules which I'm literally addicted to lately - it seems to look great over any colour and makes a polish I might have fallen out of love with look new and fresh

I think this works well for a ring finger manicure as well as for full on bling

The method is easy, no sponges required!  Paint your nails dark blue, allow to dry and then layer on the glitz! These actually look better in real life as the glitter really reflects different colours whereas my camera has manly picked it up as flat silver glitter.  

I'm loving this so much right now, and it lasts me for days because it's so easy to touch up chips - the glitter on top will hide any imperfections =)  

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  1. They look really good, I definitely love putting on a glittery coat to hide the chips! :) xx

  2. omg they look amazing!! :O i love it
    i love your blog its sooo pretty!!!

    www.mrajbx3.com ((blog))

  3. I LOVE your OPI bling nails!!!!! I love glitter and nails. They look so good!!

    Thanks for joining our blog hop btw :)



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