20 Oct 2011

Liz Earle deep cleansing clay mask review

A little while ago I popped off to Superdrug to get myself some sort of mask to give my skin a little treat, but I found the shelves to be rather bare.  It seems the 'drugstore' brands don't really make many face masks, so I just ended up buying one of the montagne jeunesse (I'd love to hear how you're all pronouncing that in your heads - I don't have a clue either) single use masks.  You can see my review on that here.  

So it seems that if you want a good face mask, you need to look outside of the drugstore (what's the UK equivalent of this word??) and to one of the higher end brands, such as Liz Earle.  

Liz Earle actually have three face masks in their range - this is the deep cleansing mask.  As usual with Liz Earle products, everything's natural and botanical.  This tube lists the active ingredients green clay, manuka honey, propous and rose-scented geranium and says that the mask purifies and regulates oiliness by drawing out impurities and excess oil to leave skin balanced, calm and clear - yes please.  

Here's what the actual masks looks like - you can spot the green clay!  I used a blob about twice the size of this to generously cover my whole face.

And of course, how could I not show you what it looks like applied.  Rocking the Shrek Princess Fiona look here.  

The mask should be left on for around 10 minutes, but I usually leave things on longer while I'm having a bath.  The mask starts to dry slightly on your face but it's not one that dries to a hard shell that cracks - my mum always used to use those when I was little and she'd get really angry if one of us caused her to crack it by making her laugh.

The set comes with sponges to remove the mask when you're done so it's nice and easy to get it all off and without getting green clay on your towels!  

I liked the way this mask left my skin feeling deep cleansed and smooth - I'm planning to use it once or twice every week.  I've got combination skin so I was worried to could be drying in places but it seemed suited to my whole face.  

You get 75ml of product for £13.25 and two of the sponges from lizearle.com

I hope you liked my swamp thing FOTD!  

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  1. I've been using cleanse and polish recently and love it. This mask looks like it's on my next to try list.

  2. I love using this in the bath... it's kinda warming to isnt it! I feel like it helps my skin too... planning on using it tonight xx

  3. Swamp thing FOTD, I love that! Ha! I love this mask so much, it just seems to make your face feel so clean! xxx


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