1 Oct 2011

Lush Christmas: mmm Christmas is going to smell so good!

Christmas can never come too early for me to start getting excited.  As if spotting shelves heaving with Christmas beauty goodies in Boots wasn't enough to get me going Crimbo crazy this week, a copy of Lush Times popped through my door containing all of the amaze new Christmas Lush stuff!

This is my pick of the best bits which are going straight on my Christmas list.

Snow fairy bubble bath wand - how amazing is this?!
Rocketeer ballistic - maybe this is meant for boys but I still want one

 Superstar bubble bar - so pretty, I want both colours
Abombinaball ballistic - kinda creepy but I like it
Candy mountain bubble bar - just like my favourite candy cane in a new shape

Golden Wonder - little present shaped bath bombs
 The jilted elf shower jelly - it's got glitter in it!
 The melting snowman - this is so adorable =)
Those are my fave single items, but there are also loads of lovely giftsets.  I'm hoping to find any of these three in my stocking.

As well as all the new stuff, they've also brought back the Christmas regulars below 

Lil lush pud, Gingerbread house, Satsumo Santa, Cinders and Christmas Eve

I don't really fancy any of these this year as I had them all last year (with the exception of Christmas Eve) and none of them became favourites.  I've actually still got a gingerbread house left as I got so many of them given to me last Christmas!  

I've never actually tried Christmas Eve, am I missing out?  Do I need to pick one up this year?  Let me know!

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  1. I got my copy a couple of days ago and I love the new range <3

  2. I went in store today and was so happy to see all the Christmas range! I bought the Snow Fairy Wand :D

  3. My fave was always the Gingerbread House so yayy! But I loved the Cinnamon Kisses one or whatever it was called. xx

  4. I love lush's christmas stuff! Always a go to for people's presents. They have some lovely stuff this year too :D xx


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