17 Oct 2011

Navy and silver sparkle french manicure NOTD

I've never been able to do french manicure or any sort of nail art with stripes as I just can't get it straight.  After seeing some gorgeous manicures with curvy lines and all sorts, I decided to buy some nail guides and give it a go.  

Here's what I came up with for my first attempt - just a simple straight line to start off with then I'll move on to something more adventurous now I've got the hang of it!  I'd tried this with scotch tape before but it was just too sticky and peeled off my base colour.

I used a dark metallic blue for my base colour all over the nail, then I stuck on the nail guide and painted the tip a glittery silver

The colours are holbien place and electric avenue from Nails Inc

These are the nail guides I bought from this seller on ebay.  As you can see I've got hundreds in loads of different shapes so lots to play with for upcoming NOTDs.

What do you think?  Any suggestions for what look I should try next?

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  1. Both the colors are gorgeous! You did it very neatly :)

  2. they look great and so cleancut and neat! xx

  3. I'm LOVING the navy nail varnish trend that seems to be exploding right now!



  4. i love that! i might try it out they look amazing!! :O i love the navy colour!

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  5. Love this and love your nails, they're so long! It was really nice to meet you the other day at TOWIB, I really loved your blouse xx

  6. So neat! Both of the colours are so nice! :) xx


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