16 Oct 2011

The only way is blogging (TOWIB) October - Babble bar London

Yesterday was the second TOWIB (the only way is blogging event) and I went along to see some lovely familiar faces and lots of new ones too.

Going to the event reminded me how badly I need to get a new camera!  Due to being quite a way back from the action and poor lighting my little pink camera didn't stand a chance!  Luckily lots of other bloggers will have got much better photos with their whizzy DSLRs

The first event of the day was a make-up demonstration from Fashionista with make-up artitst Katie Hughes who was at the last TOWIB too

She demonstrated a bold dark blue smoky eye look on Georgina from make up wishes - I wish I'd got a close-up of Gerogia's face once it was done but there was a big crowd in the way!  I met Georgia for the first time and she was causing me some serious hair envy with her gorgeous bouncy curls.

Next Annabel had a bold eye look done with lots of golds and browns.  Dark shadow was blended from her tear duct right up to her brow which sounded odd but looked great up close.  Such a shame I didn't get a better picture.  

And then I had a peach and apricot Anna Sui inspired look done on me with lots of blush and bright lips.  Rather brave of me to volunteer for something like this - I was really nervous!

This is the look that she was going for 

I really liked the look Katie did on me, definitely something I would wear, but the blush all the way up to the temples would be a bit much for every day!  I loved the blush colours though, I'm not very adventurous in that area and always stick to the same couple of blushes.  

Everyone got a Fashionista custom palette to take home and you could choose from the products used to create the three looks Katie demonstrated.  I decided to go for the blushes and hi-lighter which had been used on me.  

I like the idea of creating your own palette at a reasonable cost, but I wasn't all that inspired about making an eyeshadow palette as I've got so many and wouldn't know what colours to choose.  But when it comes to blushes I have hardly any, so this will really boost my collection!

Clockwise from top left
Double take, Butterscotch, Blushing, Juicy apricot

Later in the afternoon there was another makeup demonstration, this time from Vivo cosmetics.  I was a bit more sensible this time and instead of taking my speciality crap shots from the back, I asked each model to pose for me

Eyes of gold look for Dawn (I think). Please let me know if this lovely lady is not called Dawn or let me know her blog so I can link her!

Stephanie was given a bright lip

And Claire got a twilight inspired look - check out the length of those lashes!

 We got to take home the products used to make our favourite looks and I chose eyes of gold

I mainly picked this one because of the lush looking baked bronzer - can't wait to try this out

 There were also talks on photography and html but I was a little far back to see or hear much but I saw a few people with video cameras so I should be able to catch up on what I missed on youtube.

The final event of the day was a Q&A sesh.  I managed to bag a seat nearer the front for this one so that I could hear what was going on.  A lot of the questions were about PR and sponsorship, and that dominated the chat really.  I'd have preferred to hear a bit more about engaging with your readers and making your blog stand out from the crowd, but I didn't ask those questions so I can only blame myself really!  Sometimes I get a little bit shy in these situations.

And finally, some of the lovely bloggers 

I really wish I took more photos of everyone else! Can't believe I didn't get a pic with Charli and the legendary Chipstick!  Also met some other beautiful bloggers for the first time including Yu, Georgina and Chloe.  

Can't wait for the next TOWIB and a huge thank you to the amazing Hayley for organizing such a brilliant day.

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  1. It was a great day! The look you had done was gorgeous! xx

  2. It looks like it was such a fun day, Im gutted I missed it would have loved to have met all the beautiful bloggers, next time im there! Oh and how cute is that fluffy little pig in your sidebar...WANT! ;) xxx

  3. Sounds like an amazing day, I am determined to make the next one! x

  4. It was such a fun day! I'm the girl from the Twilight look by the way. :)

  5. @mybutterfly63 thank you xx

    @Natalie I was tempted to clean out my sidebars but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Glad someone likes the cute fluffy pics!

    @Leanne yes you need to so that I can meet you!

    @Claire ah fab now I can link you up. So sorry I couldn't remember your name. I blame the luscious passion fruit cocktail I had!

  6. I really wish I could have come, but hopefully the next one I WILL be there :)

    Thanks for sharing/blogging :)

  7. Hey thanks for linking me on this post, Have you had a chance to try out the blusher set you got for yourself? Im interested to know how the colours look day to day. Really liking your side bars too (love the picture of the box of little monster toy things) its ace to see such a fun and glitzy layout :D x x x

  8. Ooo now I wish I picked up the blush palette that I have seen your look more clearly! really pretty

  9. @Annabel @Dicovering beauty - it does look really nice up close. I noticed when I was putting the colours into the palette that the pale shimmer shade which I thought was a hi-lighter is actually an eyeshadow but I guess you can use it as either. Had a bit of a no make-up day today but I'm sure I'll use it tomorrow and will take some pictures xx

  10. It was great to meet you sweetheart!! We'll have to arrange a meet up soon!! xx

  11. Wow looks like such a good day! x


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