13 Oct 2011

Rainbow cake

Pinterest gives me no end of inspiration lately and one thing I keep seeing is rainbow cakes, so I decided to give it a go.

I made up enough cake mix for a normal victoria sponge type cake

Next I divided it into four 

And added food colouring - pink, yellow, green and blue

I needed a lot  as I just used normal food colouring and it made the mix very runny so I added some extra flour

It makes a serious amount of washing up!

Once coloured and mixed I poured the mixture into silicone sandwich tins and baked in the oven for around 20 minutes 

 After the cakes had come out of the oven some of the colours weren't as bright 

I mixed up vanilla cream cheese frosting to sandwich the cake together and to go over the outside

And finished with some rainbow sprinkles

 I love the reaction when people who've not seen this before watch the cake being cut


Yum =) 

Normal food colouring doesn't work so well for this so I'm going to order come concentrated gel colourings for my next attempt

What do you think?  Ever tried a rainbow cake?

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  1. Omg! YUM x 9999999


  2. you've made me hungry now haha! looks so pretty!!!! xx

  3. Have always wanted to try this! Amazing x

  4. Ahhh WOW!! This looks amazing, omg!! Those sprikles are so cute as well xxxx

  5. Love this - I had something similar for my last birthday and the colours weren't as birght either once it was cooked. I absolutely love the sprinkles on top, where are they from?

  6. It looks gorgeous. I miss baking so much but now i go to SW i dont do it. I cant make anything without eating halv of it myself x

  7. This looks amazing, just in time for my daughter's third birthday!

  8. Glad you like it! I've received my gel colours and have had a second attempt which is even prettier - will blog it soon.

    @Lucy - ebay xx

  9. Wow that is a talent right there! You could be the next "Cake Baby" off Bridesmaids haha x x

  10. This blog is so good

    Follow mine here


    LB x

  11. @Annabel - I don't know what that means because I haven't seen Bridesmaids yet - I'll have to find out! xx

  12. Wow this looks amazing! Definitely going to give it a go! x

  13. When I tried this it just tasted like chemicals :( x


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