16 Oct 2011

You look different - have you had something done?

Someone said that to me once, someone I didn't like actually.  I hadn't had anything 'done' at all!

So, you may have noticed things are looking a little bit different around here!  I hope you like the new look.  I managed to do it without breaking anything, go me!

Header and background before


Let's face it, you'll never see a plain white background on flutter and sparkle, it's always going to be a bit in your face and bling, but I think this is much more pulled together and I like it.  As well as the header and background my fonts are more consistent and everything matches a bit better.  Also I now have some blog buttons down the side too which take you to different collections of posts such as all my hauls or NOTDs etc.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome =)


  1. It looks fab Gem, love the glitter background! x

  2. Liking it! Might be time to overhaul mine too.

    (Someone asked me once if I'd had my lips done, lol)

  3. It looks great! So sparkly! xx

  4. i love it!! loving all of the sparkle xx

  5. love the change =) was great seeing you yesterday too xxx

  6. Thanks, I'm glad you like it

    @Sophie - if anyone was going to appreciate the sparkle it would be you!

    @a girl and a beauty blog - you too hun, looking forward to next time xx


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