13 Nov 2011

Little updates

Ooooh I've had such a busy few days I've not blogged since Wednesday!  Very unusual behaviour for me, but sometimes you just end up with lots of things happening in close succession.  Here's what I've been getting up to...

I've finally started my Christmas shopping

Oxford Street lights

Carnaby Street lights 

Snow machine in Selfridges

Decs in my local shopping centre - they match the blog!

My favourite Christmas shopping bag so far - Lush paper bag with candy cane handles!

Standard Christmas shopping sustenance - Starbucks praline mocha and chocolate yule log

Toffee nut latte - I had one of these on bonfire night 

Pub lunch during another heavy shopping trip 

Me trying on an amazing hat in Liberty 

The besties trying on equally amazing owl hats in River Island

And a particularly scary crime of fashion I spotted in Carphone Warehouse

I went to see Wicked the musical with my team at work.  I'll resist the temptation to tell you it was 'wicked', but really it was!  I'd seen it once before but I enjoyed it just as much a second time.  The singers are truly amazing.

The bf enjoying snuggling up in the monkey onesie / babygrow I bought him from Primark 

And a few clues (okay some of these are a little obvs to be clues) to some upcoming posts

Angels sing when this box is opened

I am ashamed to admit this is my dressing table... but it no longer looks like this.... oooooh

And can you tell where I am here?  More about this soon!

And finally, I shall hang my head in shame and admit the sacrilege.... I'm selling my Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland book of shadows on ebay.  I know, I know, but people will pay up to £100 for these babies and I just can't resist the cash!  On the subject of eBay, how ridic are their fees these days?  Insertion fees, 10% of the final value and then the paypal fees on top!  It's hardly worth it unless you're selling something that will go for quite a bit.  Usually I prefer to stick to blogsales, but I don't think I think I'd be laughed off the web if I tried putting this up for a stupid price in a blogsale, so eBay will have their pound of flesh from me this time!  

And I almost forgot - I now have a facebook page, so if you want to follow flutter and sparkle using facebook, check it out =)

How was your week? 


  1. The pics look amazing, especially all the christmas lights! xxx

    Visit The Other Side Of Cool
    Tweet me! @othersideofcool

  2. i love your little updates, haha i love how you took a picture of someones top ;) haha xx

  3. I love seeing all the christmas lights!

  4. I'm sorry to say my dressing table still looks likes that! Looking forward to getting some organisation inspiration! I also have the owl hat! :)xx


  5. these photos are lovely! wish i could have got my self an alice and wonderland pallet when they were out! x

    sophie @ thesecretavenue.com

  6. Haha I can't believe you were cheeky enough to take a picture of some random person in CW, that's hilarious.
    It just wouldn't be Christmas without the Starbucks red cups. Toffee Nut lattee is my favvv!!

    Love J.

  7. I loved all your pictures and I really want that shirt with the necklace in the back! SUPER cute!!!

  8. ohhh the christmas lights are so pretty, I love taking a trip to London to see them! :)

    Trying all the hats on is just a must! x

  9. Ahhhh I LOVE shopping vicariously through you! I just left London after 2 weeks there. Just missed the Xmas lights. I'm also considering a blogsale to get rid of my things before I move back to London ... considering I had so much success with yours ;)

  10. Thanks for all your lovely comments xx

    @Katherine - I am a bad influence! You left just before it got cold! Shame you missed the lights, but you can see them every year once you're living here =) Definitely do a blogsale, as well as getting rid of things you don't need and making cash I think they're really fun to do. I'm doing another clothes one very soon....! =)

  11. Ooooh can't wait for your next blog sale!


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