29 Nov 2011

Motel Rocks and Glossy Box event with review and recomendations

A rather long overdue post... a couple of weeks ago now I went along to the Motel Rocks bloggers evening.

We sipped cocktails whilst admiring the racks of the Motel Christmas collection and I got to hang out with some lovely bloggers including the ones in the pics below - 

Randomly, there was a candy floss machine (with handy candy floss man to serve us) and a little naughtiness ensued.  I'm blaming the sugar high!

The high-light of my evening was getting to take this fab balloon home on the train.  I'm easily pleased =)

Madness aside, the point of the evening was the clothes, so here are my favourites from Motel's Christmas party dress collection.  

Gabby sequin dress £58

Bianca leopard sequin dress £62

Gabrielle sweetheart dress £38

Heidi rosa print dress £52

The lovely people at Motel are sending me my favourite dress - I chose the Bianca dress.  I can't wait to get it and plan which of my Christmas nights out I'm going to wear it for.  I've already decided which blazer and shoes I'm pairing it with and will put up a little outfit of the day showing how I accessorize the dress.  

Glossybox were also at the event and were offering a free November box to test out.  I've previously subscribed (see my previous reviews here) but cancelled when the price increased.  

I didn't just cancel because the price went up, it was also because the products weren't always ones I liked or would use, and I decided the money would be better spent on something I'd chosen myself.  Opinions change from month to month though, depending on the contents of the latest box - I was kicking myself when I missed the box with the HD brows paletter, but other months I've been happy with my decision.  

Here's the November complimentary box I received.  
I feel bad for not loving this box, seeing as I've not had to pay for it, but I don't think this is one of Glossy Box's best.  

The bath salts are the stand out naff product in my opinion.  They're something I associate with Grannies.  I'll be giving these to my Mum, but even she's probably a bit young to be using them!

The perfume sample is one you can get free at counters, so if I'd paid £12.95 for this box I'd be pretty angry to see this amongst the contents.  

The FC5 hand cream and Monu moisturiser are not all that exciting, but products I would use, so happy to have them in the box.  

Finally the nails wraps - they're a good item to have and I've bought from Nail Rock before (the cheetah print wraps), but I just don't like the pattern much and to be honest it's not all that hard to do stripey nails yourself, although granted they wouldn't be as straight!  I'd have preferred a more intricate pattern.  

I got some nail wraps back with one of the early boxes when I was a subscriber, and again I didn't like the pattern.  I think that's the problem Glossy Box face - they're trying to cater for a lot of different tastes all at once, so there are always going to be some disappointed people no matter what they put in there.  

For me, I think I'm just too fussy for any of the beauty boxes out there.  After cancelling with Glossybox, I didn't sign up for Boudoir Prive, Feel Unique, or any of the others out there.  I know what I like and what I don't, so I'm better off spending the money on something I've picked out for myself.  Well at least that's my opinion until the next time there's a cracking product in the box like the HD palette or the Nars illuminator!  


  1. I am loving the pictures and I also thought exactly the same about my glossy box! Alhough I got 5 perfume samples and all my samples were just tiny so you're lucky you got the Monu thing xxx

  2. I think they need to have categories dont they with their boxes like bath, skin care and make up... I have generally liked alot of the products up till this one and thought it was pretty shit!! Loved Charli's pic with the candy floss haha! xx


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