23 Nov 2011

Really cheap UK China Glaze and OPI haul!

The title of this post does not lie!  When my lovely friend Poob (obvs that's a nickname) told me and our other mates about a nail supplies shop that sold China Glaze for £2.50 we were on it like Sonic.  I even took a day off work to go there!

Here's the full haul - this came to just £45!

The shop is in Peckham - not my neck of the woods, but well worth the journey - and it's called Hollywood Nail Supplies.  They have a website but it's absolutely awful and they don't seem to sell any of the good stuff online, so best to get down there and get involved!

They pack the shop like crazy so there's loads to look at and lots of hidden gems to find.  Sadly they didn't have any of the new Christmas collections from OPI or China Glaze (ie muppets, let it snow and eye candy) but at these cheap prices I couldn't complain.

So onto what I got - 

OPI avojuice set of six skin quenchers £4.20

Nearly all of these smell deliciously amazing - there's only one I don't really like.  These are a fab size for having in your handbag, desk drawer, car glove box etc

OPI avojuice 200ml pump bottle - £4

I can't explain my love for this coconut melon scent, I'm even having a sniff of it as a right this like some sort of addict.  They also had this in the 700ml (I think that's right - it was 20 oz?) for just £7!

China Glaze polishes were £2.50 plus when you bought 5 you got one free, so I got 6 for £12.50!

Here we have shocking pink (neon) and flip flop fantasy from the poolside collection (I've wanted that one for ages).  These are just perfect toe colours for summer on the beach =)

Next I got grape pop and Heli-yum from the up and away collection

And then I picked up two glitters.  The gold one has a worn label as you can see, and no label on the bottom, so I don't know what it is, but it's a heavy gold glitter.  I wonder if it's from a previous crimbo collection?

And on the right is grape juice which is a glittery purple.  

I'm wearing grape juice at the mo, and it looks like this.  Excuse the tip wear, I've had it on a couple of days and have been doing lots of furious typing at work.

OPI polishes were just £5 and although they didn't have the newest stuff, they did have crackles and the Katy  Perry collection so I bought teenage dream and last Friday night.  How gorge are they?  I bought the Katy Perry minis for my friend for her birthday in the summer and am jel every time she wears them, but now I can join in on the glitz-fest too!

There wasn't a wide selection of Orly and I couldn't really spot any colours I liked or recognized apart from this glittery red which is called Star Spangled.  I'm not sure how much Orly polishes usually cost in the UK, but this was £3.50.

I stocked up on my favourite Seche top coat as it was just £3.50!

The lovely lady who owns the shop was showing us all sorts of polishes and things and was putting nail wraps on my friend.  She showed us magnetic polishes and seemed a bit surprised when I told her I already had some!  But, I was really interested in this magnet that she had with straight lines - the ones that come with the polishes usually have a curved line so I thought I'd try this for a different effect as it was only £2.

I had hoped the shop would have some more of the Seche range as I wanted to try their base coat, but they didn't sell it.  Instead I was recommended to try this CND stickey base coat instead so as it was only £3 I decided to get it.  I've only tried it once so far, but it seems pretty good.

So are you amazed at my China Glaze bargains or do you all have shops like this near you?  I find it hard to even come across online stores selling China Glaze in the UK, so I was pretty pleased!  

I still don't really understand the whole 'Sally's' thing, so I'd be grateful if someone would let me know in the comments - do you need to prove you're a beauty professional to shop there and do they have prices as good as this?  

You can look forward to lots of NOTDs as I play with all my new toys =)


  1. O M G :O Bargain!!! I live nowhere near Peckham, but my lord, that is a fabulous bargain in deed. Well done on your haul :) .

  2. Lucky!! I don't live anywhere near Peckham so looks like I still have to get mine from work & Ebay ha! Great haul! :) xxx

  3. Great haul! I need to get myself to Peckham! xx

  4. Cool, I checked Google Maps. I know exactly where it is - opposite the bus station. I always thought it was just a nail shop. I'll pop in when I'm next down those ends.

    You can walk in and buy what you want from Sally's, however they have special prices for beauty pros - who have to supply evidence of their license/business. I believe they have a special card they have to show in order to get their discount.

  5. What a great bargain!! I live in Bromley so I'm going to have to pop over!

    Sarah xx

  6. Oh my goodness thats such a bargain.
    Next time I'm home, I'm definitely making my way to Peckham! x

  7. oh my god this place is amazing a so wish i could go! XXX

  8. OMG! This is amazing!! I live in Birmingham so it's a total mission! What's their website? I know you say it's rubbish but I'd still like a look haha!

  9. I've bought OPI from Sallys before but they don't often have things on sale. The things I've got for mega cheap in Sallys are the mini OPI sets, I have picked up a few of them while they have been on sale for £2.95.

    How much of a selection of OPI polishes do they have in Peckham? Bit of a train ride but worth it it seems!

  10. Oh god I now feel the need to go on a huge nail varnish buying spree!! I haven't bought any new ones in ages and I feel I'm going to have to make up for it now! The Katy Perry ones are so pretty - officially top of my list now!! xx

  11. Thanks for all your lovely comments xx

    @Vexinthecity thanks for the Sally's info xx

    @Ditzymakeup I've warned you it's bad! http://www.hollywoodnailssupply.co.uk

    @Sparkles they have more China Glaze than OPI, but still a lot of OPI, a full stand with probably 100 or more different colours. I can't believe you got OPI mini sets so cheaply - jel!

  12. @Vexinthe city - just a quick heads up - Not all Sallys let you walk in and purchase. I went into my local one, and told to leave because it's exclusively for beauticians/hairdressers - those with a business, or studying a beauty/hairdressing course (must show proof of studying!)

  13. omg ! seriously such a place exists in the uk !!! hehe i haveee to go there now just have to but i live too far away : ( and i have looked at the website and yep it's rubbish !

  14. Hi there , thank you for blogging about my store.

    all feedback are well appriecated here.

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  15. Anyone who wants to try this store be warned they are closed on Saturdays! Had a wasted mission. ��

  16. sorry about that

    we open everyday from 10 am to 7pm
    Saturday -Closed

    Please visit us begging of march as we will have Loads of new O.P.I & Essie at very good price :)

    Thank you

    Hollywood Nails Supply

  17. I'm not a fan of Sallys as although you don't have to be trade the prices are pretty expensive, £6 (ish) for China Glaze and £11 for OPI in store... Unless theres one very near you I wouldn't try it :)


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