31 Jan 2012

NOTD - China Glaze Eye Candy - Material Girl pink glitter

Today's NOTD is the first of my purchases from the China Glaze Eye Candy collection which was released before Christmas.

It's a chunky glitter in a beautiful rosy pink shade.  The glitter is really packed in and in varying sizes, so you can get a full on blinged up look.

Here I've used two coats over a pale base colour polish, but I didn't really need the base colour at all.  This is a full coverage glitter which actually doesn't really work as a top coat.  I had tried to use it that way, but couldn't get a sparse enough coat of glitter!

I bought three of the six polishes in the eye candy collection and will be showing the other two soon.  I bought these from this US ebay seller if you're interested, her shipping to the UK is very reasonable if you've buying several polishes at once - it works at at about £4 - £5 per polish.  They also sell OPI and Seche Vite, as you can imagine, I've ordered from them several times already!

I love China Glaze polishes, I just wish they were easier to get hold of over here!

30 Jan 2012

It's finally here! Samsung Mv800 multiview camera

Just a quick post to show you a first look at my new camera!  I'm so excited to start using this, no more crappy pictures on my blog!  I shall put up another post with some more information and a review once I've been using the camera for a little while, but for now I just wanted to show you how pretty it is and share my excitement :)

The RRP for this camera is £249.99 - you can get it in black on Amazon for £169.70 but the white version is £204.49!  I didn't want to spend that much extra for a colour difference, but I did really really love the white version.  Luckily my boyfriend found an amazing deal where the white was being sold for £155.95 with free delivery, so I snapped it up fast!  If you're interested in that deal, check it out here

Look forward to much better pics coming very soon!

29 Jan 2012

Nom: simple cheesecake style dessert treats

I made these easy but insanely yummy desserts when I had a couple of friends coming over in the week.

To make these faux strawberry cheesecakes you will need jam, greek yogurt, Philadelphia style soft cheese, ginger biscuits and strawberries.

First, crush your ginger biscuits.  You'll need 2 or 3 per person.  It doesn't all need to be crushed to dust, leave some chunks for texture.

Fill the bottom of dessert bowls or glasses like these with the crushed biscuits.

Next mix together around 250g greek yogurt (half the large tub) with half a tub of Philadelphia (125g) - this is enough to make 4 of the desserts.  Add a little sweetener if you like.

Blob half of the mixture between the four glasses.

Then put 4 tablespoons of jam into a bowl and mix it around until it becomes runny.

 Spoon half of the jam into each of the four glasses.

Then repeat with the remaining yogurt and cheese mixture and then finish with a layer of the leftover jam.

Finally, hull and quarter a small punnet of strawberries and share them between the glasses.  Done!

So incredibly easy to make and they taste delicious.  You can eat these immediately after making, but I think they taste best if you leave them for half an hour or so as the flavours blend and the biscuits soften slightly.

If you're interested, I also roughly worked out that these are around 8 weight watchers propoints.  Quite a lot, but they do taste amazingly good :)

28 Jan 2012

Boots NO7 Stay Perfect eye mousse review

Blog posts have been a bit limited lately as January has been one long spending ban following the huge expenses of Christmas (although pay day is now here woo!).  But, as I got one of the £5 off NO7 vouchers in Boots when buying some essentials, I decided I could afford a few quid to get a nice new bargain product.

I decided on these Stay Perfect eye colour mousses and ended up getting two as I got a second £5 off voucher.  These are usually £9 so I was able to snap them up for £4 each!  The tubes are only little and contain 5g of product, but you don't need to use a lot so they will probably last a long time.

I'm noticing a very obvious trend with the colours I always seem to be drawn to these days - nude and taupe colours.  A little boring maybe but they're my faves and I know they suit me as I have brown hair and eyes.  The colours I picked up are called Pewter and Vanilla.

I have to point out that these come with a little seal.  I always like it when you can tell the product you've picked up is brand new and hasn't been molested in the shop!

So here we have some swatches.... in daylight!  Vanilla on the left and Pewter on the right.

Here's vanilla again.  It's a lovely pale pinky cream colour, a perfect eye colour for a quick and simple all over wash of colour and also as a base for building upon.  The only thing I didn't like so much about this was the texture.  I found it a bit powdery / lumpy whereas the Pewter colour is much smoother.  It means this isn't as easy to apply as I was expecting - I needed to really blend the product on my hand and then apply with a brush.  

I thought this colour would double-up as a hi-lighter but I think that's out of the question because of the slightly strange texture.

And here's Pewter.  I've been wearing this one a lot already.  As I mentioned, it's got a different texture from the Vanilla colour and goes on really smoothly.  It's also a colour that's easy to build so it's quite versatile depending on whether you want a subtle or bolder colour effect.

I'd never tried these eye mousses before, so I'm really pleased that I picked them up on this deal.  I would probably try another colour if it had the smooth texture of the pewter one rather than the slightly strange texture of Vanilla.  

These colours are ones I'll get loads of use out of, and I'll remember I have them in my collection as the packaging matches the colour of the product which is a nice touch!  

Did you buy something with the £5 off vouchers?

25 Jan 2012

China Glaze Heli-yum and OPI Planks a lot NOTD

I bought a lot of nail polishes towards the end of last year, and got a lot for Christmas too, so there's still lots I've not yet tried out.  To catch up, I employed the ever popular accent nail technique to allow me to try out two polishes at once.

Here we have OPI Planks a lot from last year's Pirates of the Caribbean collection accented with China Glaze Heli-yum from Up up and away.  I think they're rather beaut together.

China Glaze and OPI are my favourite brands right now, I love the new colours they keep bringing out in their collections and am even going back and scouting out the best of collections I missed in the past.

Planks a lot is a murky grey purple and I'm really pleased I bought this after umming and errring for ages about getting something from the Pirates collection.  Helli-yum is a lovely deep and bright raspberry shade which I'm also pleased to have bought.  I actually love the whole of the Up up and away collection and may make it a mission to slowly acquire the lot :)

These are both lovely creme formulas so they go on really nicely and it's easy to achieve opaque coverage - the best kind of polish in my opinion.  Jelly type formulas are not my friend as I hate it when you can see the nail line through the polish.

I took these photos a day or so after painting my nails so that's why you can see some tip wear.  It's no reflection on the quality of the polishes though  I use base and top coat and still with any polish brand I have wear or chips on the second day.  I think it's because I do so much furious typing!

Do you still crave polishes from old collections you missed?

21 Jan 2012

Little updates

So first things first, yes this is still flutter and sparkle, but the purple glitter is gone! *sob* I know I said many times that I would never have a 'white background' blog, and I did like the unique look of my old design (below) but as I've shared my blog with more of my real life friends and have seen it on their laptops, I came to realise that it wasn't displaying correctly in some browsers.  My friend who has a brand new laptop with all the up to date software and everything, was seeing the background of my posts as a medium grey instead of transparent white with the purple glitter behind it :(

So, it inspired me to go for something completely different.  It's taking me a lot of getting used to, but I think it's quite fresh and pretty and hopefully it's going to display nicely for everyone.  Please let me know in the comments if it doesn't look like the picture below in your browser!

If your blog is wearing my blog's badge (let me know by the way and I can wear yours too if you have one) I'd love it if you updated to the new one matching the redesign when you have time.  It's in the left sidebar.

My lovely blogging friend Charli (check out her fabulous blog here) helped me out in the middle of the night when I just couldn't get the little social media icons to display correctly, so huge thanks to her for saving my sanity!

Onto a round up of my week - I've finally seen Clueless!  Can you believe I made in this far through life without seeing it?  It was made in 1995 but was still so funny and enjoyable to watch and Paul Rudd was soooo cute!  Rolling with the homies...!

The cake we ate whilst watching Clueless - all made in an hour after I got home from work - rather impressed with myself :)

Another amazing film I saw this week is Bridesmaids.  I'd been wanting to see it for ages.  It was a bit of a slow starter, but once you get into it it's absolutely hilarious, laugh out loud funny stuff.  All of the characters are brilliant and I loved the little love story featuring the guy from IT crowd, so sweet!

We were supposed to be watching Clueless that night and doing nail art, but we ended up chatting, watching Bridesmaids and ordering some yummy Domino's pizza online.  We had the bbq one and the Spanish sizzler (I think that's what it's called) and both were nomilicious. 

Not forgetting the amazing Marks and Spencers Kir Royale to wash it down - I love that stuff so much.  Oh and Shloer for the reproducer.

Me and the bestie met up with a friend we'd not seen since before Christmas and exchanged presents.  Obviously these glasses are still totes appropes in January.  

And we had indoor sparklers.  Love them despite yelping every time a spark landed on my skin.

Pub lunch with the bf in O'Neills.  It looks like I just had a bowl of melted cheese!  It was actually a really nice chicken and mushroom hot pot type thing with mash, but it was covered in a lot of cheese, yum!

And finally more food - clearly that's all I've been instagramming this week - my fave ever curry, lamb rogan josh.  I made this the day before starting weight watchers again as a farewell to the good times :(

Oooh I mustn't forget to tell you of my GHD trauma!  On Tuesday, my GHDs broke.  I switched them on and they just made a constant beeping noise and wouldn't heat up.  I went to work with naff hair scruffed up in a ponytail and moaned all day about having to fork out for a new pair.  I was given various tips such as phoning GHD to see if they were under warranty or to ask if I could pay to have them fixed, and someone also suggested I try changing the plug.

When I got home, I demanded that the boyfriend should know how to change a plug, being a boy and all, and got him to take a look.  I also knew that there's a European two pronged plug inside the regular UK plug on GHDs, so I also thought about plugging that into my travel adaptor to see what happened.  The bf was worried about fiddling with the GHDs and making the sitch worse (I was already majorly stressing at the thought of needing to find £100 for a new pair of GHDs - it's January you know!) so he asked me to see if I had the box and instructions, which I did.

I opened up the little leaflet, and my exact problem was described on the page as a "warbling sound" and the straighteners not heating up.  So does this mean my GHDs have died?  Errr, no, it means that the temperature is below their minimum operating requirement of 8 degrees.  Yep that's right, my house was too cold to use hair straighteners!  Madness!  We warmed the GHDs up with the hair dryer for a bit as a test, turned them on and hey presto, good as new.  The following day my bedroom wasn't resembling the inside of my fridge quite so much, and straight hair was within reach once again :) I thought I'd share in case anyone else has the same issue and runs out to buy new straighteners unnecessarily.

So that was my week.  I've been very bad with posting this past week, I've been out a few nights and spent a while on the blog redesign.  Also I'm putting off a few beauty related posts as I know my new camera is on the way and I'll be able to take much better photos, woohoooo!

I shall leave you all to enjoy your Saturdays with a few fabulous blogs to check out.  I found all of these via the #bbloggers hash tag on twitter last Sunday, and I really recommend you peek at them all, they're true beauts waiting to be discovered <3


17 Jan 2012

I can't wait to haul the Primark Spring 2012 collection!

You all know I love a Primark haul, but right now I'm still on the long road to January pay day (I've only stumbled once or twice along the way, honest!) so no hauling for me :( To be honest though, now I've seen the beauties that are due to drop soon from their Spring collection, I'd rather wait than spend my money on the Winter dregs.

I've just browsed 150 odd pages of the new collection, and these are the pieces that stood out for me.  I honestly wouldn't have guessed some of these were Primark if I hadn't known, so that tells you I'm impressed!

I'm undecided on a few of the pairs of shoes as to where they fall between cute and tacky.  Need to see them in person I think.  I'm hoping the gold and leopard wedges will live up to my expectation when I track them down in store as I'm a little bit in love with them already.  

The dotty and colour block dresses are also my faves and shapes that I can see working on me.  Oh and not forgetting the navy and camel jacket - that's my actual favourite, perfect shape and colours for me.  I hope it's not made of a really cheap looking / feeling material.  I also really like the belted peter pan collar top.  I don't usually get on very well with high necks as I can look a bit 'one-boob' but I think the belted waist will balance this out.... we shall find out in the changing rooms.

Have you seen any of this stock arriving in your local Primark yet?  I shall be out stalking it from pay day onwards :)
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