28 Jan 2012

Boots NO7 Stay Perfect eye mousse review

Blog posts have been a bit limited lately as January has been one long spending ban following the huge expenses of Christmas (although pay day is now here woo!).  But, as I got one of the £5 off NO7 vouchers in Boots when buying some essentials, I decided I could afford a few quid to get a nice new bargain product.

I decided on these Stay Perfect eye colour mousses and ended up getting two as I got a second £5 off voucher.  These are usually £9 so I was able to snap them up for £4 each!  The tubes are only little and contain 5g of product, but you don't need to use a lot so they will probably last a long time.

I'm noticing a very obvious trend with the colours I always seem to be drawn to these days - nude and taupe colours.  A little boring maybe but they're my faves and I know they suit me as I have brown hair and eyes.  The colours I picked up are called Pewter and Vanilla.

I have to point out that these come with a little seal.  I always like it when you can tell the product you've picked up is brand new and hasn't been molested in the shop!

So here we have some swatches.... in daylight!  Vanilla on the left and Pewter on the right.

Here's vanilla again.  It's a lovely pale pinky cream colour, a perfect eye colour for a quick and simple all over wash of colour and also as a base for building upon.  The only thing I didn't like so much about this was the texture.  I found it a bit powdery / lumpy whereas the Pewter colour is much smoother.  It means this isn't as easy to apply as I was expecting - I needed to really blend the product on my hand and then apply with a brush.  

I thought this colour would double-up as a hi-lighter but I think that's out of the question because of the slightly strange texture.

And here's Pewter.  I've been wearing this one a lot already.  As I mentioned, it's got a different texture from the Vanilla colour and goes on really smoothly.  It's also a colour that's easy to build so it's quite versatile depending on whether you want a subtle or bolder colour effect.

I'd never tried these eye mousses before, so I'm really pleased that I picked them up on this deal.  I would probably try another colour if it had the smooth texture of the pewter one rather than the slightly strange texture of Vanilla.  

These colours are ones I'll get loads of use out of, and I'll remember I have them in my collection as the packaging matches the colour of the product which is a nice touch!  

Did you buy something with the £5 off vouchers?


  1. They're pretty colours :)
    They'll go with lots of outfits! xx

  2. Pewter is a nice colour. I didn't notice these when I was browsing my local No7 counter but I picked up a nail polish with my voucher. I have one more so I may have a look at these or go for a foundation of sorts. :) x

  3. I had the vanilla one and I know what you mean about the texture, I bought it thinking it would be a good hilighter. :( I ended up leaving it with the lid off by accident and it all dried up! I wanna try the pewter one though!xxx

    1. I don't know why the textures are so different between colours, it's odd.

  4. Oooo, I really like liquid eye shadows so mousse would definitely be worth a try. Did you see gold and a baby pink? They're the colours I tend to find myself moving towards.

    Loving your work,
    Bosh xx

    1. Those colours really suit you too. I'm not sure about gold but they definitely had pink - they have them in Bromley Boots xxx

  5. I bought vanilla a few months back but sadly I received an 'off' one, it was all lumpy and totally unusable. I have since been a little put off about re-purchasing but your swatches have made me rethink :)

    1. Just had a look at your post - my Vanilla one is pretty much the same, I really worked at blending it out to make it smoother. I guess in that case it can't be a bad batch, it must just be something to do with that colour. Very weird!


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