8 Jan 2012

Little updates - the end of 2011

As I'm now addicted to Instagram my little updates posts are easy as I always have photos of everything to hand.  This is a collection of Christmas and New Year goings on.

Christmas fancy dress fun with a sparkly snowflake, rudeboy Santa, light up Christmas tree and a pregnant elf!

Standard Christmas / drunken shenanigans including twiglet teeth, a 'snow' machine, and harassing Santa

Festive nails and leggings, a new puppy (not mine!), and me in my Christmas pjs

Christmas prep

The food marathon on the big day and a few presents

Fun times with my school friends - top left is goat feeding apparently 

Continuing the food marathon at New Year, tidying to incorporate some of my presents and wearing the coat I bought in the sales

Christmas and New Year seems like ages ago now that I've been back at work for four days.  I don't think I've got the January blues though (despite pay day being a glimmer in the far distance), I'm excited for things that are happening this year and having a little fresh start of sorts.  

I haven't really made any new year's resolutions because I usually forget what they are pretty quickly and never achieve them!  Saying that though, I will be going back to Weight Watchers (after a little 7 week holiday!) on Monday...

Leave me a comment if you're also on instagram so I can follow you.  I check it far too may times a day and always need new pictures in my timeline :) 



  1. awww lovely pictures. xx

  2. Aww some great pictures, looked like you had a great time, I love your jewellery holder, so cute!! Xx

  3. Great pictures, looks like you had tonnes of fun!

    Also, do you want to buy a Clarisonic Mia? I have one for sale on my blog, if you could check it out, that'd be great! xx

  4. Some great pictures!

    Looks like you have a fab Christmas/New Year :) xx

  5. Great post!!! Love these photos, especially like your jewellery storage :)


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