21 Jan 2012

Little updates

So first things first, yes this is still flutter and sparkle, but the purple glitter is gone! *sob* I know I said many times that I would never have a 'white background' blog, and I did like the unique look of my old design (below) but as I've shared my blog with more of my real life friends and have seen it on their laptops, I came to realise that it wasn't displaying correctly in some browsers.  My friend who has a brand new laptop with all the up to date software and everything, was seeing the background of my posts as a medium grey instead of transparent white with the purple glitter behind it :(

So, it inspired me to go for something completely different.  It's taking me a lot of getting used to, but I think it's quite fresh and pretty and hopefully it's going to display nicely for everyone.  Please let me know in the comments if it doesn't look like the picture below in your browser!

If your blog is wearing my blog's badge (let me know by the way and I can wear yours too if you have one) I'd love it if you updated to the new one matching the redesign when you have time.  It's in the left sidebar.

My lovely blogging friend Charli (check out her fabulous blog here) helped me out in the middle of the night when I just couldn't get the little social media icons to display correctly, so huge thanks to her for saving my sanity!

Onto a round up of my week - I've finally seen Clueless!  Can you believe I made in this far through life without seeing it?  It was made in 1995 but was still so funny and enjoyable to watch and Paul Rudd was soooo cute!  Rolling with the homies...!

The cake we ate whilst watching Clueless - all made in an hour after I got home from work - rather impressed with myself :)

Another amazing film I saw this week is Bridesmaids.  I'd been wanting to see it for ages.  It was a bit of a slow starter, but once you get into it it's absolutely hilarious, laugh out loud funny stuff.  All of the characters are brilliant and I loved the little love story featuring the guy from IT crowd, so sweet!

We were supposed to be watching Clueless that night and doing nail art, but we ended up chatting, watching Bridesmaids and ordering some yummy Domino's pizza online.  We had the bbq one and the Spanish sizzler (I think that's what it's called) and both were nomilicious. 

Not forgetting the amazing Marks and Spencers Kir Royale to wash it down - I love that stuff so much.  Oh and Shloer for the reproducer.

Me and the bestie met up with a friend we'd not seen since before Christmas and exchanged presents.  Obviously these glasses are still totes appropes in January.  

And we had indoor sparklers.  Love them despite yelping every time a spark landed on my skin.

Pub lunch with the bf in O'Neills.  It looks like I just had a bowl of melted cheese!  It was actually a really nice chicken and mushroom hot pot type thing with mash, but it was covered in a lot of cheese, yum!

And finally more food - clearly that's all I've been instagramming this week - my fave ever curry, lamb rogan josh.  I made this the day before starting weight watchers again as a farewell to the good times :(

Oooh I mustn't forget to tell you of my GHD trauma!  On Tuesday, my GHDs broke.  I switched them on and they just made a constant beeping noise and wouldn't heat up.  I went to work with naff hair scruffed up in a ponytail and moaned all day about having to fork out for a new pair.  I was given various tips such as phoning GHD to see if they were under warranty or to ask if I could pay to have them fixed, and someone also suggested I try changing the plug.

When I got home, I demanded that the boyfriend should know how to change a plug, being a boy and all, and got him to take a look.  I also knew that there's a European two pronged plug inside the regular UK plug on GHDs, so I also thought about plugging that into my travel adaptor to see what happened.  The bf was worried about fiddling with the GHDs and making the sitch worse (I was already majorly stressing at the thought of needing to find £100 for a new pair of GHDs - it's January you know!) so he asked me to see if I had the box and instructions, which I did.

I opened up the little leaflet, and my exact problem was described on the page as a "warbling sound" and the straighteners not heating up.  So does this mean my GHDs have died?  Errr, no, it means that the temperature is below their minimum operating requirement of 8 degrees.  Yep that's right, my house was too cold to use hair straighteners!  Madness!  We warmed the GHDs up with the hair dryer for a bit as a test, turned them on and hey presto, good as new.  The following day my bedroom wasn't resembling the inside of my fridge quite so much, and straight hair was within reach once again :) I thought I'd share in case anyone else has the same issue and runs out to buy new straighteners unnecessarily.

So that was my week.  I've been very bad with posting this past week, I've been out a few nights and spent a while on the blog redesign.  Also I'm putting off a few beauty related posts as I know my new camera is on the way and I'll be able to take much better photos, woohoooo!

I shall leave you all to enjoy your Saturdays with a few fabulous blogs to check out.  I found all of these via the #bbloggers hash tag on twitter last Sunday, and I really recommend you peek at them all, they're true beauts waiting to be discovered <3



  1. I loved your old design but this one looks really pretty and fresh. I especially like your buttons for twitter, facebook etc. All the foodie photos you posed are making me hungry <3


    1. Thank you. Those buttons were such a nightmare to get working!

  2. Aww I love your new look. Very pretty. Clueless nad bridesmais are both great. I used to want to be dion from Clueless x

  3. Ah Clueless has been one of my favourite films for years!! It taught me the word sporadically when I was at school!!

    1. I've been saying "I'm outtie" since watching it!

  4. Brill new header Gem and the pub lunch looked yummy!! xx

  5. Haha, love clueless! Love your new blog look too! xxx

  6. Ah I love bridesmaids! Such a funny film.
    So glad your ghd's haven't gone to straightner heaven!!

    Love the new look too :) xx

    1. I know me too! I was so relived when I found out what it was! Glad you like the new design xx

  7. I like your new design, it's more clean and fresh. Xxxx


  8. Thank you hun, I'm so pleased with it xx

  9. gonna miss the purple glitter but the new one looks pretty chic :)

  10. Love Clueless! I liked the old design, but the new design is cute too :)


  11. Love the up close and personal face picture! Not as much as I love the polka dot dress on your earlier Primark post - raiding time soon!

  12. HI lovely, thanks so much for mentioning my blog, I really appreciate it! I adore yours, and love the new look of it :) Oh god, also, I watched Bridesmaids this week for the first time and absolutely loved it. Hillarious! Love Chris O'Dowd from the IT crowd too, he's so sweet in it!xxx

  13. Love the new design Gem, I really need to do mine but I'm so crap with HTML! Oh god I've been awful with Weight Watchers since Christmas, I start off ok then as it gets closer to the weekend I fail miserably! Thanks for the linkage xx

  14. I love your new layout Gem, even though I will miss the purple glitter, this looks really lovely. I will update your badge shortly.

    That cake looks amazing, impressive stuff whipping it up in an hour!
    Your night in looks like so much fun, even though I'm very shocked you've never watched Clueless before!

    Love the tree glasses!

    The GHD scare must of been horrible! So pleased to hear that it was something so simple, though very random! xx

  15. I love the new look and thanks for the mention, glad I could help!

    Clueless is my fave movie EVER!!! xxx

  16. Thanks for the mention hun, thats really kind of you! All the food looks so yummy...And Clueless. My fave! x


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