1 Jan 2012

NOTD OPI Last Friday Night meets China Glaze Icicle

For my New Year's nails I decided to try out another polish I got for Christmas - OPI Katy Perry Last Friday Night.

It's a glitter in a sheer blue polish, so even after three coats you can still see my nail line underneath. I like my polishes really opaque and can't really handle it when my natural nail shows through, so this wasn't going to stay on for long!

Another polish I got for Christmas is this on by a brand I've never heard of - Nabi.  It's multi coloured chunky star glitter in clear polish.  I fished out some stars with the brush and popped them on my ring finger for a blingy accent nail.


I liked this effect but I still couldn't deal with my natural nail peeping through!  The polish started to peel off when I was in the bath the next day, so it gave me a reason to give it another try. 

 This time I started with a base coat of China Glaze Icicle.  

This is another polish I got for Christmas and it's from the China Glaze holiday 2011 Let it Snow collection.

It's an amazing foil effect polish and it's opaque in one coat, result!

This time Last Friday night was used as a topcoat over Icicle


It's really hard to capture the glitter but these two polishes go so well together.  Last Friday night is a more subtle glitter (if there is such a thing!) so it works with the foil polish.  Something like Rainbow Connection over Icicle may have been too much (although I know I'll probably try it anyway!).

Happy new year everyone!



  1. Oooh i love the 2nd try. Im also really fussy about seeing my natural nail!

  2. These two colours work so well together x

  3. It looks lovely over the silver polish!

  4. I know what you mean about seeing the nail line, really annoying. But the end result is lovely! xxx

  5. I have this polish and was a little annoyed at how sheer it was but a coat of this over any other colour it looks better. Love how you put it over silver, looks great. x

  6. Wow, these are gorgeous! I really need Last Friday Night in my life. Happy New Year!

    Charlotte xo


  7. I'm going to have to get my hand on them polishes, the colours look gorgeous on the last photo! xox

  8. I LOVE the 2 together :) Also the star nail polish is pretty! Very different
    Carissa xx

  9. I love these two together as well as the star sparkles!! I think I need to have this combo for myself!!! <3 Happy New years

  10. Gorgeous nails! Gotta love the glitter!

  11. Love the stars !
    Where did you get that?
    Oh & also, you have a new follower :)

    free to check out my blog too:

    Erika xxx

  12. Gorgeous colours! Now all I need to do is get a hand steady enough to paint the nails on my right hand!

    Lou from http://www.thingsiamthinking.com/ :) xx

  13. That star polish is fab and love the OPI glitter varnish!! xx


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