3 Feb 2012

How to get what you want in your monthly beauty box - January Glossybox review

Last week, the postie knocked at my door with a lovely surprise - a hot pink Glossybox!  I used to subscribe to Glossybox, but cancelled as the price went up and I wasn't really using the products I was getting.  The novelty generally just wore off for me, and I didn't take up a subscription with any other beauty boxes.

Things have moved on since I cancelled my subscription with Glossybox - the biggest change probably being the introduction of themed boxes.  I think this is a really good idea and makes the whole experience of getting a surprise box a bit more exciting again.

In my opinion, January's box is pretty good.  There's a nice variety of products and nothing here that I absolutely would not or could not use.  Not bad considering glossybox didn't have a list of my preferences to check against, what with this being a gifted box.

Lots of people got Clarins day and night creams in their box, and yes I would have liked to get those.  I think if I was a current subscriber, based on my preferences I would have found those in my box - I would have put a big tick next to anti-ageing problems as I have a serious fear of wrinkles and truly believe that prevention is key in that area!

So my thoughts on the contents

Orly mini nail polish in Ruby
Who couldn't like this? Everyone needs a red polish and Orly's a brand that I know about but don't have much experience with.

Eyeko skinny eyeliner in plum
This is a full size product, so certain gives value for money where the price of the box is concerned.  Unfortunately though it's one of those products that creates a divide when people receive different colours.  I got plum, which in my opinion is the worst shade possible.  I'd have been happier with the green I saw other had, even more satisfied with blank and delighted with the pale pink one for the waterline.  I'm not sure why Glossybox don't play it safer and stick with colours that the majority of people would prefer - I guess some of this however is down to what the brand chooses to supply to them.

First Aid Beauty gentle body wash
Nothing wrong with this, and it'll get used up eventually, but I can't get excited about it.  The product doesn't even have a colour or fragrance!  Obviously someone with sensitive skin who might be allergic to fancier products would like this, but I'd take a guess that they wouldn't sign up to a beauty box as they'd risk getting products they couldn't use.

Murad skin perfecting primer
I was really pleased to see this in the box.  I'm always on the look out for better bases for my foundation, so I'll enjoy trying this out.  It is the dewy finish version, which wouldn't be the first choice for my skin type, but Glossybox didn't know that.  I think some people had a matte finish version in their boxes, but I'm not 100% sure.

Weleda cleanser 
Everyone uses cleanser, or a similar product to remove their make-up, so I think this is quite a sensible choice for the box.  It's not a brand I know well or a cleanser I would ever have tried otherwise, and that's the point of beauty boxes really - discovering new things.  One thing I did notice about this though, is that it's not the first time Weleda has appeared in Glossybox - I think it was my second Glossybox (June maybe?) that previously included a Weleda body oil.  Perhaps this is a sign of things to come and we'll see other brands repeated in the boxes (or maybe his has already happened and I didn't notice?).

Anyway, it's time for me to address the title of this post - how to get what you want in your monthly beauty box....  Filling in the survey is one thing, but no beauty box company is ever going to be able to provide you with a 100% bespoke service to ensure every product in the box completely suits you.  My best suggestion is if you don't get what you want in your box, swap it!  I mentioned earlier that I would have preferred to get the Clarins moisturisers in my Glossybox - well now I have as I did a swap over on the facebook beauty box swaps page.  I think it's a brilliant idea and it only took me a few minutes to find someone to swap with, so I'm a happy bunny.

I'm also interested in swapping my plum Eyeko liner for the pale pink one, but I think that one might be a bit harder as I'm trying to swap the worst colour choice for the best one.  A bit like asking someone to give you a twenty quid for a ten pound note I guess, but it'll be fun trying anyway.  I may even dig out some of my previous beauty box items that I've not gotten around to using yet and see what I can swap them for!

Have you swapped anything from your box?


  1. I'm not subbed to glossybox. I live in Malta and when it was 10gbp I was getting it sent to my dads house and he'd send it on for me but it got kinda expensive once they introduced shipping costs too.

    I definitely love hte idea of the swap page though, hopefully people will begin to stop moaning! xx

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    1. There's over 1,000 people on the swap page, so I'm sure there's always someone who wants unwanted items from other people's boxes :)

  2. You got the exact same box as me!!

    I thought it was ok, They've had First Aid Beauty before in the november or december box i think!

    1. I got the November box but there was no FAB in there - I got different bits, like bath salts!

  3. must get subbed to glossybox!

  4. I got the plum too and wanted black :( cos I need a new eye liner haha!x

  5. love the eyeko pencil !!
    im a new follower of yours ... <3

  6. I've seen some mixed reviews on the Valentines Day Special box! xx

  7. I LOVE the colour of this box! I quit too for the same reasons as you and to be honest this just looks like a repetition of everything already haha! I'd have loved the light pink eyeliner though, good luck with that!! x


    1. If they were always hot pink it might make me want to subscribe again!

  8. Not swapped anything yet but a friend of mine did suggest it - I actually got the Clarins products in my box but having tried the firming cream I discovered I was allergic to it - always one eh!



  9. I've read a lot of reviews about January's glossy box and everyone seems to be very disappointed with it.

    I think both the eyeliner & the primer look fab! :) Xo


    1. I think people start to get disappointed when they see something better in another person's box. Human nature! :)

  10. This was my first glossy box and I was reasonably impressed with it, but I guess it will take a couple more boxes to see whether it's really for me.

    I got the pink eyeliner, I think I would have preferred something a bit more neutral or a black, but I'm sure it'll be used eventually.

    Jealous about the nail varnish - I two daviness products instead.



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