5 Feb 2012

Little updates

How are we all on this cold and snowy morning?  Is there a place in the UK that doesn't have snow?  We only have a couple of inches here and hopefully it'll be gone before I have to get to work tomorrow.  It's funny how much you can love snow as a kid and then hate it as an adult!

Here's a couple of pictures of the thin layer of snow in my garden and my little garden critters peeking out.

My teddy bear phone cover I got for Christmas got a bit old and tattered, so my phone is wearing the pink bunny ears again.  I want to get some new fun covers - anyone got any suggestions or links?

The yummy cheesecake desserts I made when I had some friends over.  You may have already seen these as I shared the recipe in this post.

Along with the rest of the world, I bought Elle magazine purely to get the free Soap & Glory mascara.  I hated the magazine though, not my kind of thing at all :(

A knickerblockerglory my bf had when we went out for dinner with my brother and his girlfriend

I just wanted ice cream with chocolate sauce, but ended up with this millionaire's shortbread dessert which was really nice if not stuffed full of calories!

I got a surprise January Glossybox and then went on to swap some of the contents on facebook to get what I really wanted (such a fab idea!).  Check that post out here.

I've been packing in the vitamins to keep colds away- I truly believe this works by the way!  I take echinacea and vitamin C every day, but when I recently re-bought some vitamin C from Boots they seem to have changed the size of the tablets and now they're really big and hard to swallow.  As I'm clearly a baby who can't handle the adult sized tablets, I bought these chewy ones instead and they are lush!

First Lindor (mini) bunny of Easter 2012

Have you tried the Malteser mini bunnies yet?  Very dangerous, I could just sit and eat the whole bag by myself.

On a recent trip to Primark my friend and I discovered not only do they sell hair extensions, they now have wigs too!  She was rather too willing to pose in this pink wig... I guess she forgot I'm a blogger haha!

A little sneak preview of my Primark haul which will be coming up this week.  I bought far too many shoes - there was actually another pair missing from this picture as I'd already worn them!

I've been trying to learn how to work my new camera properly (rather than being lazy and using the auto settings).  I also want to buy a pretty case for it to keep it from getting scratched.  Anyone got any suggestions or links?

This week I've started using all of the products in this kit by Soap & Glory, so I'll get reviewing soon.  It also means I finished up my old face products and a few other bits too, and as I remembered to save the packaging I can do my first 'empties' post.

Just to keep you in touch, I'm still rubbish at temple run.

The bf is bad news for my diet.  He announced he had a £5 voucher for pizza hut (where you get a pizza and the salad bar for just £5) so off we went.  I had one of their 'posh' pizzas called King of the Coast which had prawns, vegetables and Bechamel sauce.  It was really nice but I did feel rather guilty after scoffing it.

I went on a little road trip this week with my two besties, to our nearest Tesco with a Vivo counter.  Annoyingly I live on the doorstep of a massive-super-Tesco-whatever-they're-called-store but it doesn't stock Vivo - booo.

Sadly we were very disappointed as when we got to the Vivo stand, the cupboards were bare, literally.  And what was there was mostly used (the non-testers) or broken.  I spoke to someone in the store about it and asked if they had more stock out the back as we'd made a special trip, but I was met with a rather crappy response of "nah we haven't been getting any in".

I emailed Vivo to let them know as I think it's showing their brand in a really bad light - it's one thing Tesco running out of some stock, I understand that, but the stand was hardly worth having with the stock that was there and they weren't even keeping it clean and tidy and removing damaged stock.  Hopefully Vivo will kick their asses so that I can go back and actually buy something!

Just for the record, I didn't visit the stand in the middle of Saturday afternoon mayhem or anything like that, it was a quiet Tuesday evening!

And finally, I braved it and lit one of my large Yankees.  I'm such a terrible hoarder, I must have at least 10 of the large jars and tumblers around my house, but it's like I'm saving them for best or something, and when is 'best' anyway?!

Have a lovely week everyone.  As usual, I'll leave you with some links.  This week, it's my favourite blogs of the moment.  Feel free to tell me yours, I love discovering new blogs and always like to have lots to gorge on in my google reader!



  1. I've woken up this morning with a fear that the snow isn't going to be gone by tomorrow :( Love your little bunny ears case too! xxx

    1. Thanks hun, shame the tail never stays on, ha! The snow is melting here =)

  2. I'm in northern ireland and there's no snow here, thankfully!
    Cath Kidston do a really cute camera case, I got one for my camera and posted about it here:


    -Dara xx

    1. Dara you don't know how much I love you for leaving this comment. It reminded me that I bought one of the Cath Kidston gadget cases for my old iPhone ages ago and never used it. I now have the perfect camera case! Thank you! =)

  3. Looks like a great week. I'm the same with my yankee candles, I tend to light the cheaper candles and very rarely use them!
    That is a hell of a lot of shoes, cannot wait to see the haul post!
    My snow has almost all gone now, rain came last night x

    1. I'm glad I started it, my front room smells gorge now =) The snow is still here a bit but is at that stage where it just looks rubbish! Can't wait to see you at TOWIB! xx

  4. thanks for following! loving this post. malteser bunnies=worrying addictive. xo

  5. No snow in Edinburgh thankfully! That pizza looks bloody amazing and i love the bunny case. mine is just a crappy plain pink case because i've never bothered to look for anything better. x

    1. Really no snow up there? I'm in contact with some people in Edinburgh for work and they're always telling me they've got loads of snow and laughing at the sprinkle we get in London! xx

  6. OMG Gem that VIVO stand looks AWFUL! They really need to sort it out!

    You have some YUMMY food up there, I really want to go to Pizza Hut now, LOL. I'm using that MyFitnessPal app on the iPhone to track my calorie intake but I keep overeating... :-(

    also I want a Yankee Candle now, too!

    lotsa love! xo

    ps. are you going to TOWIB? tweet me if u are!

    1. I know, it was so disappointing, I had so much Vivo on my wishlist and all I got was one blush! It's not good having so much food on my instagram photos, it means I'm clearly not doing my diet!

      Yes I shall be at TOWIB (by the skin of my teeth - I was very lucky to get a ticket yesterday) I shall tweet you now! xx

  7. No snow here in Wiltshire/Somerset, booohooo :( That Vivo stand looks awful, i would of complained too. I always thought Pizza Hut was for children but that pizza looks good, maybe i'll have to give in to my boyfriend and go. I always save my candles for best but like you said, when is 'best'? i've nearly finished my Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie candle now, it smells amazing. xx

    1. I think 'best' is when my mum used to say we were saving things for just because she didn't want me using them, haha! Pizza Hut's definitely not the location for a posh romantic meal, but it can be quite nice eating in there on a quiet week night! xxx

  8. that phone case is SO CUTE!

    Marie x


  9. Mmm that knickerbocker glory looks amazing, and all those shoes are making me jealous!

    Karys x

    1. also, I have started following you as I just stumbled across your blog and love it! :)

  10. Great post. I bought the Elle magazine as well-free mascara :)


  11. No snow here and you have no idea how pissed I am about that (I have a sledge and a hill near by don't judge haha). That vivo stand is disgusting why have tesco let it get to that dire state...pretty shocking actually! I do that with my yankee candles I live to 'Save' them not to sure what for...
    thanks for the link m'dear mucho appreciated :) xxx

  12. Your pink rabbit ears are adorable! Where did you get them from?! xxx

  13. That pizza looks yummy xxx great blog.
    am following you nowx



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