29 Feb 2012

Makeup forever smoky lash mascara review and FOTD

This mascara had been on my wish list for ages, so I'd built up some high expectations by the time I finally got my hands on it.

All MUFE products get a lot of hype, but I was attracted to the mascara in particular by the name - smoky lash - who doesn't want smoky lashes, they sound like they'd go perfectly with a smoky eye!

They're not afraid to big this product up either -

"Smoky Lash enhances lashes, for exceptional volume, infinite length and ultimate curl. Its formula is rich in ultra-fine mineral pigments to create the perfect smoky look: saturated lashes and smoldering eyes. Its ultra wide and dense new generation brush hold a maximum amount of product for instant spectacular lashes."  

Wow, sounds good!

So does it live up to all this trumpet blowing?  Here's my before and after.

I like the mascara, and I'm still glad I bought it and will use it up, but there's nothing amazingly special about it.  It does build length quite easily, but it's also prone to clumping, which prevents me from getting all that "exceptional volume".  It is a very black mascara, which I like, but I do find it can flake a tiny bit during the day - maybe that's the 'smoky' effect?!  It hasn't stopped me using it though.

Overall it's a nice mascara and I'm glad I've tried it out, but I'd have probably liked it more if my expectations hadn't been set really high by all the hype!

Other products used here: 
Garnier BB cream in medium | Revlon photo ready foundation in 005 natural beige | Mixed with Soap & Glory Hocus Focus 
Bobbi Brown creamy concealer in ivory | MAC MSF natural in medium | Paul and Joe brow pencil in 002 
Elf brow treat and tame | Sleek natural palette (used for eye shadow and liner) | Topshop cream blush in flush
Mac cremesheen glass in partial to pink

Erm... I think that may have been a FOTD! 

What's your favourite mascara?  


  1. You look nice!!! The mascara looks good too :)

  2. I have heard so many good things about this mascara but its a shame it doesn't seem so great! It doesn't look bad but as you said, I have high expectations for this mascara too!

    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

    1. Yep it's strange, some people rave about it. Odd!

  3. My favourite mascara right now is 17 Wild curls at the moment in brown/black.I got it as it was in an offer where if you got that you got a free smokey eye set or something like that. It doesn't clump and gives me lashes great length. I did do a little mini review on my blog of it if you are interested in checking it out. (Under the 17 label on gossip of the hive)

    Sarah xoxo

  4. you have such nice eyes! i wish i had brown eyes!

    1. Thanks that's so sweet :) Funny because I always used to wish I had green or blue eyes!

  5. Ive got a blog going up at the end of the week about this mascara too! Did it make your eyes water like a biatch too? or maybe that was just the flakes getting in my eyes... hmm! Great post anyway :) xxx

    1. I haven't noticed any watering, other than in the wind as usual, but I have had a flake in my eye a couple of times, which is a real pain xx

  6. Aww man it gets flaky? I've beeen eyeing this for a while now too, but I want to be extra good if I'm to pay the extra money!

    1. It does on me hun, sorry, but there are lots of other review where people love it, so for some reason it's working out differently for some. Sorry, I know that doesn't help you much!

  7. I had this mascara and thought the same as you, i weren't blown away by it, but it gets better, the more drier it gets. I was gutted when it eventually ran out, still wouldn't repurchase though. Pretty FOTD girly xxx


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