7 Feb 2012

My first January empties!

My first 'empties' post as I actually remembered not to throw the bottles away!  I'm terrible for failing to use products up fully.  I get distracted by a new shiny product and start using it when I'm still half way through the one before.  I decided in January to make a real effort to use things up, so I've accumulated quite a few empties...

Lee Stafford dry shampoo
I've not yet found a dry shampoo I like (that includes Batiste, which most bloggers swear by).  None of the ones I've tried - including this one by Lee Stafford - leave my hair feeling anything like the same texture or look as when it's just washed.

Some make the hair look dull or grey and feel horribly thick with the product, this one just leaves my hair still looking greasy.  Even spraying on about half a can and I still felt like my hair had that tell tale oily shine and stringiness.  In some ways it's better than Batise as it doesn't give my hair a nasty texture and there is no colour, but I don't like to go around looking even remotely greasy,  so I won't buy this again.

I'm an everyday hair washer (not by choice!) but there are days when I just don't have the time and need a good dry shampoo - I haven't found one that suits me yet, so please let me know of any you recommend.

Soap & Glory peaches and clean cleanser
This was quite a nice cleanser, but nothing special so I wouldn't rush out to buy it again.  I would probably have liked it more if I hadn't started converting to Liz Earle at around the same time as getting this.  It was nice and gentle whilst still getting my make-up off although it did struggle with eye liner sometimes.  It has a peach fragrance which I found a little fake smelling and a bit off-putting sometimes.

Liz Earle cleanse and polish
Holy grail  product right there.  As soon as this ran out I cracked open the 200ml tube I had ready and waiting!  (I reviewed this previously here.)

Aussie take the heat 3 minute miracle conditioner
This is a great conditioner and I have to confess to using it every day rather than just as a treatment, but I can't say I always left it on for the full 3 minutes. I'd buy this again, the only thing I don't like is the top down squeezy bottle as I find it hard to get the product out when it's coming towards the end.

Dove volume boost shampoo
I used Dove shampoos for most of last year and probably tried all of the different ones in their range!  I was happy enough with this shampoo - I didn't notice it doing any volume boosting, but I didn't really expect it to as I have the flattest hair in the whole wide world.  The shampoo didn't make my hair any greasier than normal, so I was pleased about that.

Dove nourishing oil care treatment conditioner 
These have become my favourite conditioners and I've got through several tubes since discovering them last year.  The squeezy tube is easy to use and I'm a sucker for the pretty two tone product that squidges out. My hair genuinely feels sleeker after using this conditioner, and even I have the patient to wait a minute, which is luckily all this conditioner needs.  I'll be buying this again for sure. (you can read my review here)

Johnson's daily essentials eye make-up remover pads
I always buy these as they're what I like to use to take my eye make-up off.  They're gentle and don't drag the skin, plus each pad is really 'juicy' - I hate it when you get remover pads that are too dry.  The fact that these come in a tub with a screw top lid means they don't dry out over time either.  I stock up on these when they're 3 for 2 in Boots.  (This got a mention in my daily skincare favourites post.)

Olay regenerist 3 point super serum 
I always find it had to pass comment on wrinkle treatment as I feel that nothing out there is going to make fine lines disappear, but hopefully there are products which reduce the speed at which new lines form.  I've been happy with this serum as it's lasted me a really long time (several months using two pumps per day in the morning) and it doesn't cause me problems with applying moisturiser and make-up on top.  Some other anti-ageing products I've tried clearly weren't designed for people who use foundation as when the products meet on the skin they curdle, but luckily this is not one of those.  I wouldn't deliberately not buy this again, but as I have some Soap & Glory anti-ageing creams to try, and because Olay have brought out a newer 'best' serum, I won't need to get another bottle of this. (This was also in my daily skincare favourites post.)

Olay total effects touch of foundation moisturiser in medium 
This has been my favourite moisturiser for at least a couple of years now.  The best thing about this is how well it works as a base for make-up.  As I mentioned above, I've encountered plenty of products which curdle on my face when I start to apply foundation, and I think the fact that this doesn't is the reason I keep re-buying it.  This ran out at the beginning of January and I literally couldn;t afford to buy any more so I've been making do with some other random moisturisers I had lying around and I've really missed the Olay product, so I will re-buy it as soon as I can. (Guess what? This was also in my daily skincare favourites post!) 

Garnier miracle skin perfector BB cream in medium
I didn't initially think much of this BB cream when I first got it last summer.  BB creams in general are over-rated in my opinion and I don't have good enough skin to be skipping about without foundation on.  However, I've recently been using this as a base / primer for make-up (so applying between moisturiser and foundation) and it's absolutely perfect for me.  I think I really started reaching for this when the total effects product I mentioned above ran out - it's a totally different product, but works for me in the same way.  I'll buy another one of these next time it's on offer. (Not actually review, but mentioned and swatched in this post)

So those were my January empties.  No make-up products in there really - I am trying really hard to use up things I own rather than buying new, so maybe there will be some in my February empties (hopefully I'll remember to keep the packaging again!).


  1. Might have to try that Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish :)

    Karys x

  2. My boyfriend has a terrible habit of pouring a tincy bit of water in an empty bottle to get the last dregs of a product out -it drives me insane! lol

    I too am a fan of the Aussie Take The Heat conditioner!

    jen x

  3. Great choices! Those are some of my favorite products as well! :)


  4. You got through loads of products this month! I always feel so satisfied when I come to the end of a product! I am doing my own project bathroom and p10p on my blog as well! xx

  5. well done finishing so many! i love doves condition, is an absolute dream for my hair!

  6. i swear by dry shampoo, would love to try the lee stafford one! :-) xxx

  7. I should take a leaf out of your book and do the same! I agree that Aussie bottle is so annoying. x


    1. I thought about attacking it with scissors, but I couldn't be bothered!

  8. I'm the same, once I get a new product I start using it whether or not I've finished the old bottle! Well done on finishing so many!!!

  9. Oooh I love Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish.. when I try anything else it just doesn't really compare xx

  10. I know what you mean about the Aussie bottle, I find myself playing a tricky game of shaky shaky trying to get the dregs out!

  11. I really wanted to love cleanse and polish but it didn't work for me.I'm impressed by your number of empties

  12. Olay Total Effects sounds really good! :)

  13. Tresemme dry shampoo is really good!

  14. Wow, that's a lot of empties. I'm really making an effort to use up some of my products before I buy more. I didn't like the Lee Stafford dry shampoo either. Batiste works well on my blonde hair, I really want to try out the Klorane one but it's quite pricey. x

    1. I've tried a Klorane normal shampoo before, but didn't know they did a dry shampoo too, I will need to investigate!

  15. Does the Olay Total Effects have enough foundation that you dont need more on top?

    1. For me no, I still use my foundation. But if you wanted a really light coverage like a tinted moisturiser it would be good. xx

  16. I've awarded you the versatile blogger award (check my blog for details) :) x

  17. I'm an everyday washer too, and i get so much stick for it! I don't feel clean without washing it? Plus my hair is so fine i feel ike a right grease slick! (lovely) And I'm with you on dry shampoos ick! Im so with you on Aussis conditioner, what a weird shaped bottle? I got my hench kitchen scissors out and cut it right open tsk! I lavvvve the smell oh Johnsons products - i have the night cream and it smells lovely! Will def have to pick u the eye pads for drunken nights :) great post lovely xxxx

    1. We're hair twins by the sounds of it haha! Going to tweet you about this right now! xx


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