17 Feb 2012

NOTD - China Glaze Eye Candy - Marry a Millionaire purple and green glitter

Last in my series on the China Glaze Eye Candy collection is Marry a Millionaire - it's a purple glitter with green iridescent flecks - oooh fancy!

Like some of the others I've reviewed from this collection, the polish is densely packed with glitter, so you could wear it alone, but it would take probably three thick coats to get a proper opaque finish.  As this is a glitter, that could end up feeling very thick and grainy on the nails - I also think polish doesn't look as neat when it's too thick.  So, I chose a pale nude base coat - this is a Jack Wills polish called Blush, which I reviewed in this post.

I then added one coat of Marry a Millionaire - as you can see, loads of glitter in just one coat.

Then I added another for serious in your face sparkle!

I bought three of the Eye Candy polishes and you can see my reviews of the other two here - Material Girl and Some like it Haute


I bought these China Glaze polishes from this ebay seller and they were quite cheap - the shipping is also really reasonable if you're doing a little haul and I've ordered from them a few times.  It generally works out at about £4 per polish which I think is really good, plus I find it difficult to find places to buy China Glaze in the UK.  I'm going to be ordering from them again soon as I have my eye on some of the China Glaze OMG and OPI Holland polishes :)


  1. That shade looks so gorgeous! I absolutely love it! xx

  2. Ilove how opaque it gets, I've been looking for one that I can wear like that. Defintiely will look into this collection :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  3. I have material girl and love it. The new China Glaze Prismatic Chroma Glitter collection is very similar to these. I've got a post on my blog with that collection on x Danielle x


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