9 Feb 2012

NOTD - China Glaze Eye Candy - Some like it haute black grey glitter

So after I put up this post showing the polishes I got from the China Glaze eye candy collection, lots of people asked me to show the black polish next (Some like it haute).  I like to keep you lot happy, so here it is =)

I got three polishes from the eye candy collection.  Left to right they are 'Marry a millionaire', 'Material Girl' and 'Some like it haute'.  I've reviewed Material girl already and Marry a millionaire is still to come.

So onto some like it haute - it's a glitter in a semi opaque grey polish, so you could wear it alone, but it would take three thick coats to get a proper opaque finish.  I tried this, but what with it being a glitter polish, three coats left my nails feeling really thick with polish and as if I could easily take a chunk of with any little knocks or scrapes.  So, I enlisted the help of my only black polish - Barry M 47

Some like it haute applied perfectly over the black base and in two thin coats, looked about the same as it had on its own with three thick ones, but this time it didn't feel super chunky, just normal.  I love it when a plan comes together!

Now I'm sorry these pictures aren't the best - I've been going on about having a new camera, but these were actually taken before that with my iphone.  What you can see if you kind of squint is that the polish has lots of fine silver glitter and then large pieces of holographic glitter, so they reflects lots of different colours in the light.

 I actually wish I had time to go and swatch this again and take more photos!  Really I think you need loads of daylight to capture this polish properly.  To see some much clearer swatches have a look at this post by vampy varnish.

I bought these China Glaze polishes from this ebay seller and they were quite cheap - the shipping is also really reasonable if you're doing a little haul and I've ordered from them a few times.  It generally works out at about £4 per polish which I think is really good, plus I find it difficult to find places to buy China Glaze in the UK.  They sell Seche and OPI too so happy hauling!


  1. Literally love this look SO much I want to recreate it right now. So beautiful and yet not OTT at all, love the sparkle over a dark colour, I wear black nails all the time definitely something to think about to add a little change :)


  2. I have given you the cute blog award! :-)



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