13 Mar 2012

Bobbi Brown creamy concealer review

I'd been itching to try this concealer for ages as I'd seen it mentioned on loads of blogs, but it had never quite made it to the top of my wish list - probably because it's a little bit pricey at £23.50 for the set with concealer and a setting powder.  So when I spotted this on a blogsale for about £7, I snapped it up

Overall, I was fairly disappointed with this concealer, and glad I only paid a fraction of the retail price.  My main issue is that it's just not creamy, and considering it has that claim right there in the title, I think I'm entitled to expect the texture to match the description.  I've found it quite stiff and hard to blend - even when I try warming it up first.

The consistency makes for a pretty uneven application - I've tried both brushes and applying with the ring finger, and it's really hard to blend either way.  Partly I think this is because it's winter, and cold in my house, and also possibly the product is a little older, as it was from a blog sale, but I still can't imagine the consistency of the brand new product to be creamy based on this.

I got the shade ivory, which is just about right for where I wanted to use the concealer - under my eyes.  It has a tendency to crease and make fine lines more prominent, which is obviously the opposite of the effect I was looking for, but again I think this is due to the stiff consistency.  I quite like the slightly yellow toned powder that comes with the concealer - it's good for setting the concealer and I've noticed it minimises pores too.

I don't like to waste products, so I have been trying to find ways to use this concealer - the best method I have so far is to practically melt it with a blast of my hair dryer before applying - this improves the consistency a bit.

The packaging of this product has since been changed - it now comes with a pressed powder instead of the loose one, and they're side by side in a compact as you can see below.  You can buy it here from Debenhams for £23.50.

If you have this and do find it to have a creamy consistency, or if you experienced the same problems and found a way around them, please let me know in the comments.


  1. Great review! Read so many mixed opinions on this product.


    1. Thank you - and yes me too, can't understand why it works so well for some and not for others!

  2. After reading this i'm glad i didn't buy it yesterday! I probably will try it one day but not until i've got enough money! Xo

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  4. WOW great honest review, I've never tried this brand but I've heard a lot of mixed emotions on it. I wanted to stop by and tell u that i am addicted to your blog lol, i love the layout/look of it as well! Anyways i found your blog through another blogger and I am so glad I did, i am your newest follower!

  5. Oh no! I've been wanting to try this but might give it a miss! I love erase paste :)


    1. I've not tried that - maybe that'll be my next concealer experiment x

  6. Cute blog!!!


  7. I have this too and not reviewed yet as I haven't quite made up my mind about it. Re softening the product, I have the same issue with my Laura Mercier concealer until someone suggested I warm it on the palm of my hand before applying to my face. This makes a huge difference, though it's a bit of a pain it has literally transformed how the product performs.

    Hope this helps a little bit!

    Nic x

    1. I had Laura Mercier too, and also found it quite dry, but once warmed with fingers it applied quite nicely - I still find this one quite stiff. Very strange!

  8. Great review, I've wanted this for the longest time but now I'm not so sure!

    Sarah x

  9. So glad someone else agrees with me! I was left totally disappointed by this and I paid full whack!I have to literally drag it on with my ring finger! Sticking to my cheap collection 2000 one x

  10. I've never tried this and don't think I ever will as the price puts me off, as Charlotte said the cheap Collection 2000 one is good enough!
    Heating it up with a hairdryer must be such a pain! As if I have time for that in the mornings! x

  11. This is the reason I was selling it, I assumed that it was just my natural creases under my eye that made it not work for me, it drags, settles in there and wont go smooth.
    I got it after they changed the formulation so I don't know if that is why there are so many different reviews out there maybe? I seem to remember seeing some reviews where people who have repurchased aren't a fan of the new version. The corrector is much better though.

  12. I loved it! Here's my review.. plus they sell it at johnlewis for around £15!




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