18 Mar 2012

Kiss applicator string lashes review

I'm so late reviewing these, as this is actually the third pack I've tried, but I guess that means I've fully road-tested them by now!  My first pairs came from the US as my Mum picked them up for me on her holiday back when they were quite new to the UK and hard to find.  These days you can get them in Boots and the like for £6.50, but I was lucky to get this pair for less than £1!

The lovely Leanne from a slice of my life lives near a discount shop (all I know is that it's in Wales!) where they sell these for 75p!  What a lucky biatch she is!  But a very nice one, because she very kindly picked up two pairs for me =)

If you've not come across these before I shall explain - the idea is that the lashes are extra-easy to apply because you can hold onto the little strings to position them carefully along your lash line.  Now, I like these lashes, and have four pairs, but every time I've worn them I've ended up taking the strings off / accidentally breaking the strings.  I find it really hard to apply false lashes - I think I'm super kak-handed - and even with the strings I struggle to get the lashes close enough to my own.  

The best application method I find is to size up the lashes against your eye and play around with the positioning before you go anywhere near glue.  I find it helps me to know where the lashes will begin and finish at the corners so that when I am ready to stick them, I know if I have them too far to one side.  

When I'm ready to apply the glue, I put a thin layer on one of the lashes and wait a bit for it to go tacky.  Don't put glue on both lashes at once as the second one if likely to have dried to much before you're ready to apply.  These Kiss lashes don't come with glue by the way, so I use some eyelure glue left over from previous lashes.  

Next I lay the lashes on top of my own and balance them there, leaving both of my hands free to adjust, either with or without the strings, depending on if I've already accidentally broken them!  If you do pull the strings out to early, you can thread them back through, but it's very fiddly.  I normally find I need to add a bit more glue to stick the outer corner down firmly, so I usually add this using the head of a bobby pin as it's about the right size.  

I took these photos at the end of a day out at a Baptism, which was a bit silly really but I didn't have time before I went out.  So they look like they've dropped a little and like they're not flush with my lash-line, but they were originally! 

I'm definitely no expert when it comes to false lashes, as you can tell, but I find these Kiss lashes easier to apply than most.  Not really because of the strings, I think it's more to do with the shape and sturdiness of them.  The last lashes I tried from a Glossybox (can't remember the brand?) were really really flimsy and they ended up in the bin covered in glue as I just couldn't work with them.  

£6.50 is quite a lot for lashes that don't come with glue, so I don't see why they can't include some, but if you can pick these up to anything close to 75p like Leanne, then you really can't complain and I suggest you stock up!

What are your favourite lashes?  Do you have any application tips for me?


  1. These look great and are a bargain at £1.

    I think I may try them out, spied them in home bargains the other day for 79p. Defo worth a go.


  2. What a bargain; I've always seen the string ones and wondered what they're for!

  3. What a great idea to have strings, never seen those before!

    Karys x

  4. These look so natural. I love them! x

  5. These are in Home Bargains for 69p I think :) xx

  6. These look really cute! Great for only 75p

  7. I was so glad to see a review post on these hun! I brought a pair a few weeks back but am yet to try them as i'm a little apprehensive!
    If you live in the UK babe there are a few bargain stores called Home Bargains and B&M's where they sell them for 79p each:)


  8. 79p is such a bargain! These look great, I am terrible at applying lashes so maybe I need to try these
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  9. My friend asked me to help put these on for her and I found it so fiddly! I wear false eyelashes everyday though so I don't know if it's just because I'm used to putting them on easily but I thought the string just makes you end up pulling the lashes back off! But if you did like these actual lashes you should try Ardell demi-wispies - they're exactly the same minus the string! x

  10. Great post Gem and thanks for linking back to me :)
    They look lovely on you. I still haven't tried mine yet! x

  11. Those strings to help put them on look like such a good idea! Have always struggled to put false eyelashes on so this may be the answer for me... They look lovely on you :) x

  12. Never seen these before, love the idea! Might just have try them out.. (:

  13. I ove them.My faves and I wear them most days. I dont use the strings to appy them really i'm used to doing it with out but I agree that they are amazing x

  14. my friend bought me these because I CANNOT put on false lashes!! I haven't tried them yet bc I don't have any glue, but I'm excited after seeing ur review!

  15. These look amazing! I'm awful at applying lashes, so I'll have to look out for some with strings!



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