25 Mar 2012

Little updates - birthday week!

Severe lack of posts over the last 7 days or so, but I blame this all on birthday activities.  I should be back to more regular posting from today.  So here's what I've been up to....

I got a Blogger birthday card!
Pretty wrap from the bestie
Strawberry margaritas, of course
Dessert of dreams
My iPhone got Kitty clothes - love it
Most exciting nail polish combo I've worn so far this year (see this post)
First munch of mini eggs this year
Flowers from the boyf
Pretty kitty wrap
I like this pretty card - M&S are the best for cards
Chocolate kitty noms 
Birthday face - it was such a sunny day too
Hauling me some Easter Lush
His n Hers Starbucks naughtiness
My delish mushroom starter when I went out with the bf
Followed by a wicked steak
My brother got me this - lol little bro
Butterfly cake!
Best iPhone outfit EVER
Bright bling nails - a lady at work came up to me and named this polish - Nails Inc Baker Street - of all the blue polishes in the world, how the hell did she know? Spooky
A yum gift from my friend in Germany
Another meal, mussels in white white sauce 
Trying to get some volume in my hair with Primark £2 velcro rollers.  Failing at the volume, succeeding at looking like a loon. 
These books have consumed my life the past week.  I just finished the third one and can't wait to go and see the film

I had a lovely birthday and got some fab presents - plenty of blogging material for the next few weeks!  I'm so excited about the sunshine we've had this week - I actually sat out in it yesterday (finishing the third Hunger Games book) and came in with tan lines on my arms - in March! Ridiculous!  Although this sudden burst of Summer weather is causing me a little stress in the wardrobe department - other than having three new pairs of sunglasses, I'm totally unprepared! 

I have some great posts coming up this week, and I think it's about time I finally revealed my 1,000 followers giveaway too :) 

If you missed it - check out my Dalani competition here - there's three chances to win either a £50 or £250 voucher!

This week I shall leave you the links to some lovely blogs I've recently found through using Hello Cotton - possibly the best tool I've used for keeping track of blogs and reading new posts.

Enjoy and have a fab week xx


  1. Looks like you had a lovely birthday :] I spend a huge amount of time with primark rollers in :] x

  2. Amazing! Where did you get the iPhone hello kitty outfit? Looks great! xx


  3. Looks like you had a fun week :-) xx

  4. Happy birthday,girl!!! Your gifts are so super!!! SO cute! it looks like you had an amazing time!
    Hmmm...now I want a dessert or a chocolate bar as well! hahaha

  5. Happy Birthday xxx Looks like you had an amazing week :) I love the first nail combo! Beautiful xxx


  6. Lovely pics! Looks like a great birthday, hope it was amazing

  7. Awww looks like you had a great birthday, happy belted birthday! x

  8. Looks like loads of fun had :)

  9. Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a good time xx

  10. Wow it looks like you had such a fab birthday week!
    The iPhone cases are soo cute, love them! The food looks delish.

    Certainly looks like you had a well deserved spolit birthday :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  11. happy belated birthday you beaut! I have just seen this post <3 thank you, love yours too, glad I discovered it, gotta love hello cotton! your birthday pictures are lovely, some really great things! that hello kitty chocolate looks too cute to eat xx

  12. Wow! I love all your gifts hun, belated Happy Birthday goreous! xxxx

  13. Hallo Gem. Ich finde es echt so cool das du hast meine geschenk auf deiner blog!! Ganz toll. Liebe Grüßles... deine Freundin in Deutschland. :)

  14. Lovely blog hun! I have not long found it!

    I;ve awarded you a versatile blog award over at my blog
    check it out and see what to do next
    such an inspiring blog

  15. Hope you had a fab birthday! Looks like you had lots of fun! Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! xoxoxo


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