8 Mar 2012

Real Techniques stippling brush review

Meet my new foundation brush - it's one of the much hyped Real Techniques brushes.  But, unlike other over-hyped products, this one has actually managed to live up to my expectations!  Before I got this brush I'd been using the Sigma F80 to apply my foundation, and I was happy with it, but this is brush is very different, and it some ways better.

The Sigma F80 (which I blogged about here) is a very dense brush, so it sucks up a lot of foundation into the brush and I think I end up wasting quite a lot that way.  The Real Techniques stippling brush is a duo fibre, meaning it has a combination of longer and shorter bristles of different types.  That's what affords the stippling effect and can achieve what some people have been saying is an 'airbrushed' finish.  

With this brush I feel like I don't waste foundation - I dot it onto my skin and then spread it out across my face in a circular buffing motion with the brush.  The foundation seems to just go on my skin and not into the brush - it hardly looks all that dirty after using it as it doesn't soak up the foundation - I think this must be because of the duo fibres.  Plus I feel like I have a lot more control as the brush has a lighter touch to it and it allows me to carefully buff foundation into my skin in a way that feels almost skilful.  

I've tried this brush with three different foundations ranging from medium to full coverage and the brush has got on well with all of them, giving me a lovely even finish with no streaks or patches and no shedding.  I also find this brush to be nice and gentle on the skin, so I'm not afraid to use it around my eye area, whereas some foundation brushes would feel to harsh to use on this part of the face.

There's not much else I can say that's not already been said about this brush, as everyone's raving about the Real Techniques range, but as I said at the start, I think this does live up to the hype.  I'm looking forward to getting two of the Real Techniques brush sets later this month for my birthday, so I'll be able to review those soon too.

I bought the stippling brush here from Boots for £11.99 or if you want to buy online without paying delivery, try this seller on ebay who's selling the stippling brushes for £12.50 including postage - they have the other Real Techniques brushes in their store too, all with free delivery.

Are you obsessing over Real Techniques brushes?  Have you tried them yet?



  1. I've got this one :) I wouldnt say I love it but that might be because im not loving my foundation at the moment xx

  2. I love this brush! Works so well and like you said doesn't waste all my foundation!

  3. I have the blush brush :) love it! I wanna get the whole collection :)

  4. Love the sound of this brush, off to order one now!

  5. I have this and love it for foundation. Really want to get the buffing brush as heard that is brilliant as well x

  6. I have this brush and i think its great! specially for the price - it does a fantastic job x



  7. oh i cant wait to get me one :)

  8. I picked this up the other day, i couldn't resist i've been hearing so many great things about it :)


  9. oo I got this at the weekend, loving it so far :)


  10. I really want to get my hands on some of these brushes they look so amazing.


  11. Just found your lovely blog and have spent over an hour reading your posts!



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