31 Mar 2012

What's in my basket: H&M

I've bought so much from H&M lately, I must have made a least three online orders from them over the last two months.  Despite not really liking their online shopping service (delivery is quite slow, you can't return things for a refund in store and postal returns take weeks) I can't fault their stock lately - there's been so much that I've wanted from them I've hardly shopped anywhere else.

Here's a selection of things I've bought which are still available online right now

Starfish ring - £1.99
Gold toe ballet flats - £14.99
 Sunglasses - £6.99
 Black jersey blazer - £24.99

 Blue jersey blazer - £24.99
 Beige / pale silver shimmer blazer - £29.99
 Pink and gold drop earrings - £3.99

 Beige sequin top - £14.99
 Peach sequin top - £14.99
 Peach vest dress - £7.99
 Stripe vest dress - £14.99
 Floaty green dress - £14.99

I'm loving the vest dresses with the slinky shimmer blazer, even though the boy says it's like chain-mail!

It still drives me mad that I can't refund online orders in store, but as there's been so much I've liked in H&M lately,  I've just been getting an exchange for something else I like.  Even going on there now to get these images I've seen some more things I like from the 'new in' section and now need to back away from the laptop!

What's your favourite store at the moment?



  1. Primark is my favourite store at the moment because I'm on a strict budget! I have always loved H&M though, I got a lot of their basic dresses last summer and they have lasted really well. That peach dress is so nice and even in my price range, haha! love these sorts of posts xxx

    1. Primark is my second fave right now and I have a Pri haul coming right up!

  2. The vest dresses are sweet, and so cheap! Might have to help myself to some:P

    I'm holding a giveaway, visit here:) http://sophsstyle.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/first-giveaway-50-follower-giveaway.html#more


  3. Really good wishlist! I like the blazers and that ring the best! At the moment I don't know what my favourite shop is! Probably Topshop...it is always topshop! x

  4. Love the starfish ring and the blazers - H&M is somewhere that I just don't own that much from, they do have nice stuff but something about it doesn't do it for me?

  5. I love H&M but have never had good experiences buying online with them. Check out my recent Haul post as I got loads of summer dresses from H&M very cheap!
    Don't forget to check out my giveaway- Revlon Lip Butters and Maybelline Color Tattoos.

  6. Whenever I see hauls from other people I love the look of everything they buy from H&M but when I go in there I never find anything I like :-(

  7. Great buys! I've never shopped online with H&M a) because I've heard how bad they are and b) because I just don't do shopping online, I need to try things on.
    Shame as I do like their clothes, that ring is amazing! x

  8. That green dress must be mine :o It's so pretty. I never usually shop with H&M but they've brought some really nice pieces for SS/12 and I'm so tempted, especially with their prices.
    However I know their sizes are so dodgy :s I don't know.

    Devon xx


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