7 Apr 2012

Slutty brownies recipe!

I mentioned this little dessert of dreams a while back on the blog after my friend taught it to me, and a lot of people seemed interested.  When making these for the second time (with the same enabler friend) I took some photos for you to salivate over :)

Making slutty brownies couldn't be easier, hence the name.  You're only ever thirty minutes and a few packet mixes away from extreme gooey chocolatey sluttiness.  Nom!

All you need is a box each of Betty Crocker's brownie mix and cookie mix, plus two packs of Oreos and the eggs and oil you need for the Betty Crocker mixes.

Start of by preparing a baking dish with some greaseproof paper.  Next make up the cooking mix according to the pack instructions and add to the bottom of the dish.

Follow by pressing Oreos into the cookie dough in a fairly even layer.

Next make up the brownie mix and pour over the Oreos covering the bottom layers.

And that's it!  Bake it in the over for 25 - 30 minutes until it's all gooey and lovely and amazing.  Serve with proper vanilla ice cream and a big spoon.

Heaven in a bowl.  Enjoy :)


  1. Oh my goodness! I love me some sweet things, I can do a big packet of mini-eggs in one sitting no problems, but my teeth are hurting just looking at this!!! Wow. :-) xx

  2. good lordy that looks amazing! thanks for sharing x

  3. Bookmarked and placed in my recipe folder. These are perfect for a super special occasion (don't know what yet), and these look AMAZING!

  4. OMG! Why did you do this to me when I can't eat them!! They look so nomtastic! xxx

  5. Oh.my...I need to try these. I'm practically drooling.

    B xxx

  6. YUM, that both looks and sounds like THE most delicious thing ever to have existed, shame I am on a mini diet at the moment! Will most definitely be giving that recipe a go once I have finished, thanks for posting!
    By the way, slightly off-topic but just wanted to say that I really enjoy your 'Little Update' posts!

    Mel x


  7. hmmmmm that just looks so delish! I want a piece of it right now! well done! x Marina

  8. oHHH DEFINATLY bookmarked!!! xx

  9. Wow, Oreos in brownies!!! Need this now! :)

  10. I'd die for this right now. Pure chocolate heaven !


  11. This looks amazing but i know i couldnteve stop at one slice xxx

  12. i am 8 1/2 months pregnant and actually just dribbled!? i NEED slutty brownies TODAY! *waddles to supermarket* x


    1. Haha! My bestie is just as pregnant as you right now too! xx

  13. Looks amazing!

  14. Oh my gosh, these look amazing but like such a naughty treat haha!

    Frances x

  15. This looks amazing!!! Drooling!! xx

  16. Oh my this looks so bad but so good! x

  17. Oh my goodness that looks so good.
    Definitely bookmarked and gonna impress a few people with it!!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  18. Words cannot describe how badly I want to try these! I'm definitely gonna give it a try :)

  19. Oh my goodness, these look SO good!
    Need to try asap


  20. Oooh these are the Slutty Brownies from The Londoner blog! *drools* AMAZING! Every time I see them I want them, but I'm so awful at baking I'm scared I'll ruin them haha :P I think I'm gonna have to try them though - they really do look like heaven in food form.

    C x

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