11 Apr 2012

Vita Bella anti-ageing treatment mask

A little while ago now I got the chance to hear about a beauty brand that was new to me called VitaBella.  I asked what it meant and found out it's Italian for Beautiful Life - how lovely is that?

VitaBella skincare is all made in Italy from locally produced super fresh ingredients - everything I was shown had the most amazing full on botanical smell!  The main thing from the range that caught my eye was this face mask, so I was thrilled to get a sample to try at home.

As VitaBella are so proud of their fresh ingredients, they've created a face mask that's still as fresh as possible when you use it by presenting it in two parts.  The actual fabric mask comes dried out and shrunk down into what looks like a big headache tablet!  When you're ready to use it, you pop it into the little tub that comes with it and then pour on the liquid which is made up of aloe vera gel, argan oil and other goodies.  The dry mask immediately sucks up all of the liquid and expands to its full size - you then unroll it and pop it on your face for a lovely cooling and moisturising treatment.

The instructions say to leave the mask on for 10 minutes, but I used it while relaxing in the bath so I left it on a bit longer.  It felt really light and cool on my skin and very moisturising as it was so moist from adding the liquid right before I put it on my face.

My skin felt well fed and plumped up after using this and it's certainly something I'd like to add to my routine as a weekly treatment.  Although it's marketed as an anti-ageing mask I think it would be suitable for anyone who wants a really moisturising and natural facial treatment.

The masks are sold as a set of four treatments direct from Vita Bella here.  It's recommend that you use the mask twice a week for two weeks and then every four to six weeks after that.  It costs £59 for the set of four, so at nearly £15 each it's a lot more than I'd usually pay for a face mask, but I think the product is really unique.

I was fascinated when I first saw the mask being made up fresh and it's something I'm sure other brands are bound to want to copy!  Have you ever come across a mask like this before?                    *PR sample

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  1. That's so weird! It's like those little flannels that you got when you were little which you put in boiling water and expands!

    I'm glad it worked so well but the price so massively high compared to high street face masks!

    Love, Elizabeth xx



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