24 May 2012

ASOS accessories mini haul

I shopped at ASOS and I didn't buy any clothes?  What the heck?!  I spotted a few accessories I really liked, and as there was a discount code going around I did a little spur of the moment order and also picked up the Too Faced Natural at Night palette I'd wanted for a while.

 Collar necklace - £12 
I like this a lot more than the rounder shaped ones lots of the shops have.  I just think this one suits me better.  

Set of three gold band rings - £8
I hate Rosie from Made in Chelsea, I think she's a proper bitch and I'm defs team Millie, but I like her three gold rings which totally inspired this purchase.   Sadly they only some in one size so are those annoying 'adjustable' types, and they're already tarnishing which is doubly annoying.

Ted Baker "You're a Gem" ring - £8
I'm a total loser - I bought this purely because it has my name on it.  I wouldn't normally have chosen a ring in this over-sized, plastic and bordering on tacky style, but it's really growing on me!

Sideways cross bracelet - £6
I knew this wouldn't last 5 minutes, so even though it was cheap, I don't know why I bought it.  The chain broke the second time I wore it, although I managed to fix it with a pair of tweezers and a lot of patience.  Then in started to tarnish, which at first turned it a lovely rose gold, but then it just started to look rusty and ugly and I had to bin it!  I should have known better and kept it away from perfume or given it a coating of clear nail polish, but I knew it was only a stop-gap until I get around to buying this one.  

Too Faced Natural at Night palette - £28
I saved the best until last I think.  Expect a review and swatches of this coming soon!

Anyone got any tips for preventing costume jewellery from tarnishing?


  1. Love these theyre fab! I have a too faced smoky eye palette the same thryre so fantastic!
    With the tarnishing issue it's tough you can cover it with nail polish to stop it turnin your fingers green. That's what I do anyway.



    1. Yep that does work quite well - I'm always too impatient and wear the jewellery before I've done that, and then the damage is done!

  2. The set off three rings is lovely.

    Ps. I hate Rosie. :)

  3. I love the eye palette but I am staying away from neckleces, bracelets and rings from Asos as they all tarnished after a short while - very annoying!

    1. It's the same with all shops for costume jewellery I find - so annoying because I'm sure there's a coating or something they could use, but I guess it's not meant to last forever :(

  4. Loving that necklace!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks - shame it didn't last 5 minutes but never mind!

  6. Gorgeous necklace. What would you wear it with? I have an old collar-style necklace from a while ago, but have never been able to find the kind of neckline it looks good with, and that's the only thing stopping me investing in some of the gorgeous Peter Pan/pointy collars available at the mo.
    Looking forward to your review of the Too Faced palette, it looks great!
    Mel x

    1. Thanks hun. I've been wearing it with higher necklines so far, so the actual collar part is hanging down over my top / dress. It's got quite a long and adjustable chain, so you could quite easily change the length to fit in with the neckline you're wearing xx

  7. These rings were on my lust list but like you I have a problem with all ASOS jewellery tarnishing. Have you tried contacting them? They are very good and refund tarnished jewellery usually without it having to be returned.

    Ria x


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