19 May 2012

DIY / Tutorial : How to make a baby shower gift basket

A little while ago I posted about my friend's baby shower (here) and it included pictures of this gift basket.  I thought I'd do a simple tutorial showing how I put it all together.

So the first thing to do is gather together lots of small gifts.  It's a good idea to include something like a baby blanket at that will help as a base for the gift basket, and something like a soft toy to be a focal point.  I was making a basket for a surprise baby, so tried to keep all of the colours neutral.  The things I included were - 

Baby blanket from Primark - Dummies from Asda - Teether from Boots
Feeding cloths from Primark - Teddy comfort blanket from Asda
Penguin pram shoes from Next - Sleeping bag from Next - Babygrows from Asda

Next I took everything out of the packaging to make it easier to fit in the basket.  I used the blanket as the bottom layer then put the largest things in first, like the sleeping bag rolled up, and the smallest things on top.

I used a basket that I got from an event and wrapped the blanket around it tucking the edges inside but overlapping at the front to cover the basket.  I used safety pins to keep it all secure, then filled it with all the goodies.

Next I rolled out about two metres of clear cellophane and sat the basket in the middle.  I brought the corners up to the middle, got an extra pair of hands to hold them and then stuck the sides with sellotape.  I tied it roughly together at the top with a small piece of ribbon to hold it.  I made sure the cellophane at the front was pulled tight and smooth so that you can see the contents clearly, but I let it bunch up around the back and sides.

Then I made a pretty ribbon to go on the front.  Sorry if it seems silly to do a step by step on how to make this kind of bow, but I'm assuming most people won't know.  I only know how to do this because I had a Saturday job in a florist!

You'll need some wide ribbon - I used florist's ribbon which is about two inches wide.  Take a few meters and start to wind it around itself as shown below - wind round about 4 or 5 times and then fold in the middle. Keep that still somewhere (under your scissors is a good way of keeping it together) while you do the next bit.

Get a small length of the ribbon and tear a strip off the side - if you're using something other than florist's ribbon this might not work and you may need scissors to do this.  Then take the ribbon your just wound round itself and folded in half - cut the corners off making sure that your cuts do not meet in the middle - you need to leave a little gap.  Unlike me, try to make them symmetrical.  

Get the little length of ribbon you tore off.  Unfold the ribbon you just cut the corners from and use the small length to tie a knot around the middle so it's secure.   Holding the folded ribbon by the tied section, take the top layer loop and pull it away from the center.  Take the next layer loop and pull it away from the center in the opposite direction.  Repeat until all of the layers have been pulled out from the center and then do the same to the other end.  You can do some extra pulling and adjusting when you're finished to get it looking nice and full and even.

Using the small tails of ribbon (from what you used to originally tie the folded ribbon together), tie the bow around the neck of the wrapped present with a few knots.  If you like, you can tear off a few more strands of ribbon and curl them with scissors to add a little more decoration.  I lifted the front of my bow and stuck the curled strand underneath so that it falls from the bow.

And that's it done.  Below you can see how it looks when finished with and without the extra curled ribbon.  

So that's it - pretty easy right?  So much cheaper than some of the ready-made baskets I've seen in the shops and you can make it really personal too.  I hope you liked the tutorial and that it makes sense.  Let me know if it doesn't!  

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  1. this is lovely! cant wait to try this when my friend gives birth later this year :)xx

  2. this is such a lovely thing to do for your friend! you put so much effort into it. xoxo

  3. Aww, what a lovely gift and idea! Lots of thought going in to it :) I like gifts like that, when you know the person has put thought in to it. Cute xx

  4. I think I now need to have a baby just so I can get those penguin shoes - cutest thing EVER. Why do places not do adult versions of these things!? I'd totally wear them!!
    Thanks for the tutorial on the big bow as well, I wouldn't have had a clue where to even start with that.


  5. Thank you for this tutorial. I've been searching for how to make cute ribbon lately.


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