20 May 2012

Little updates and the Grand Designs show with Groupon.co.uk

Time for another little updates.  I've decided the way I usually do these posts (enlarging my instagram photos) makes the images a distorted, so I'm trying something a little different.  I hope you like.

Superdrug 3 for 2 mini haul by fluttersparkleMini @asos haul by fluttersparkle
Minty fresh by fluttersparklePossible mint green overload going on here by fluttersparkle

1 - Hauling me some Superdrug 3 for 2 goodies
2 - A mini ASOS accessories haul
3 - New mint accessories
4 - wearing said new accessories in a mint overload outfit (it just looks white but the dress is mint too!)

Untitled by fluttersparkleShopping in baby Zara is amaze! by fluttersparkle
Going out for my Mummy\'s birthday by fluttersparkleNew front bush (lol lol) by fluttersparkle

1 - visiting my bestie's newborn baby girl - I've nicknamed her Malibu Barbie
2 - buying Malibu Barbie the cutest little outfits for when she grows a bit
3 - Off out for dinner for the Mothership's birthday
4 - new front bush (lol lol)

This carries my lunch and spare shoes to work by fluttersparkleMy Zara knock-off by fluttersparkle
Loving these new toys - the pink one on the right especially is all kinds of awesome by fluttersparklePlenty of room to grow an Essie collection now! by fluttersparkle

1 - my work lunch / spare shoe bag
2 - Zara-a-like arm candy (post here)
3 - playing with lush new beauty goodies
4 - enjoying colour-coding and giving all my polishes a new home 

Mammonth jacket - glad to be back on the carbs! by fluttersparkleGenerally I don\'t like cereal, but this one\'s not too bad by fluttersparkle
I suck at using magnet polishes by fluttersparkleIt\'s a simple makeup kinda day by fluttersparkle

1 - swapped my no carbs diet for a no meat one - hello jacket potato!
2 - I find breakfast dull, but this Special K is not too bad
3 - failing badly at magnetic polishes. Is there a secret knack to this?
4 - My simple every day make-up

Love the smell of this. Am I weird for using shower gel in the bath? by fluttersparkleThis is what days off are made for by fluttersparkle
Love by fluttersparkleBizarre grass car alongside us by fluttersparkle

1 - cracking open a juicy new shower gel 
2 - leisurely breakfast on my day off
3 - my favourite NOTD in a long long time (Nails Inc Instyle Bluebell and gold glitter)
4 - Strange grass car on the way to Westfield Stratford City 

Playing with some amazing @lizearle blushes by fluttersparkleI want this so bad! Why am I not 3 years old? :( by fluttersparkle
Nomness by fluttersparkleDrinking at lunchtime by fluttersparkle

1 - checking out the fab blushes from the Liz Earle make-up range in John Lewis
2 - I need one of these in adult size 
3 - My first pinkberry experience
4 - lime mango daquiri at lunch with the bf

Untitled by fluttersparkleJambalaya Risotto by fluttersparkle
OMG carb overload at Prezzo! by fluttersparkleWhat diet? by fluttersparkle

1 - sharing nachos at Giraffe with the bf
2 - My spicy jambalaya risotto at Giraffe - it wasn't that great
3 - Prezzo half and half pasta at lunch with the girls
4 - Not sure what happened to my diet that day

Today\'s project - making a desk area by fluttersparkleSitting at my new desk, writing a blog post to-do list, snooping on the neighbours and listening to Adele. Totally content :) by fluttersparkle
Feeling the need for dramatic lips and an extreme side-parting today. Now what to wear?! by fluttersparkleMa\'amite - geddit? by fluttersparkle

1 / 2 - I've been making a desk area in my wardrobe room - not finished yet but I love it so far
3 - Hot pink lips
4 - Jubilee Marmite

Also, something I didn't instagram (as I didn't really see much worth Instagraming!) was my trip to the Grand Designs show at Excel London.  I was a bit disappointed - I think I thought it would be a little bit more like the Ideal Home Show which I've been to before.  Also as it's connected to the show 'Grand Designs' I expected there to be more exhibits of really cool and unusual homes and interiors, but there wasn't really.  It was mostly just lots of up-market suppliers showing their best (and most expensive) ranges.  

I wasn't too bothered about not liking the show all that much, as I actually got in for free.  I was offered a free voucher by Groupon to try out their site and choose one of their deals.  Despite not really liking the Grand Designs show, the Groupon experience was fine.  Booking was very simple and I didn't have to queue to get in to the show.  I'd only ever used Groupon once before when they had a deal on ASOS vouchers, but having tried this deal, I'd be keen to keep my eye out for what else they have on offer in future.  They seem to have lots of events / shows etc available at really reduced prices.  You can check out the current ticket offers they have here - http://www.groupon.co.uk/vouchers/tickets 

I hope you're all having a good week - my weather obsessed boyfriend tells me we're actually going to see the sunshine and some good temperatures later this week.  Woo for sandals weather!

Pot luck links this week - these lovelies were at the top of my blogger dashboard reading list when I just checked.  Enjoy x

*Groupon gave me a £20 voucher to spend on their site



  1. Your desk area is so cute :) You have an amazing taste in bags. The nail polish collection is fab!

  2. Looks like you've been having fun!
    Your nail varnish storage looks great.
    The grass car is pretty random but pretty awesome! xx

  3. Wow your nail varnish collection is impressive! x

  4. Lovely pictures I love how you set it out - how did you do that? Xx

    1. I just loaded the pics in the normal way but kept them a smaller size and closed up the gaps between them xx

  5. Where did you get the shelf for your nail polishes??? Need one of those in my life xxx

    1. My boyfriend made it for me :)

    2. He's a definite keeper then :)

      My boyfriend's idea of supporting my nail polish addiction is to say "why do you need ANOTHER pink nail polish babe"


  6. I really need shelves like that for my nail polishes!

  7. Oooh hello, I just noticed I had a few hits directed from your blog! Thanks loads for the mention!

  8. thanks a lot for the mention in this post hun :) much appreciated xx

  9. Love your little updates!
    I'm so excited to hear that Liz Earle are now doing blushers, great news! I am already a big fan of the skincare range and tinted moisturiser so cannot wait to get close to some of these!
    Food looks amazing, as usual!
    Mel x

  10. This post made me hungry :/ awesome though


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