13 May 2012

Little updates

My fave shoes of the moment - the nude studded Vectra slippers from Topshop

Ooooh new shoooes by fluttersparkle

Munching on an assortment of funky nuts from a shop in Charring Cross station

Mmmm nuts by fluttersparkle

I went to a Batiste event, to launch their new Lace fragrence dry shampoo, with some fabulous blogging chums - Charli, Siobhan and Yu

Batiste cupcake with @makeyuup @girlbeautyblog @sbtcdcharli by fluttersparkle

I got my hair did at the event and it's started a major obsession with achieving big hair at home

Check my fat hair! by fluttersparkle

As a result, I've been playing with my Enrapture heated rollers at any given opportunity (full review here)

Having repeatedly confessed to being crap at hair, nobody is more shocked than me that these rollers give me results like this 

Big frickin\' hair I did all by myself!! by fluttersparkle

...and like this.  Big hair makes me happy.

Bouncy sunshine hair :) I\'m getting a bit good at this! by fluttersparkle

Some funky finds at H&M

Random tortoise lip balm in H&M by fluttersparkleCute pineapple shipped body butter in H&M by fluttersparkle

Choccy frappe thingie from Costa - lush

#costa #coffee by fluttersparkle

Loving my Converse (there's a post on them here)

Ooooh new shooooes by fluttersparkle

Playing with some new Orly polishes (see the swatches and review here)

So many breaks so I went short and pastel by fluttersparkle

Reading the Simon Cowell book Sweet Revenge - I love the book and I love him (laugh all you want, I think he's hot!)

Looking forward to starting this tonight! Simon is my guilty pleasure :) by fluttersparkle

I'm getting a bit self-portrait obsessed with my instagramming lately and all my mates rip me about it!

Weekend work face - not the happiest face considering it\'s early! by fluttersparkle

mmm a yummy starbs treat with the bf.  Mine is a caramel coffee frappe and his is strawberry creme

Worth driving 3 miles? Yep! by fluttersparkle

I got the Instyle Nails Inc freebies (see my swatches here)

Got them all, yay! by fluttersparkle

And the best news of my week - my best friend had a baby, and after months of wondering and buying boring unisex gifts, we found out baby is a girl!  Wooop!  I loved baby girl shopping and will do a post on what was inside these pretty pink parcels soon.

All set to meet a new little princess this afternoon :) by fluttersparkle

I hope you're having a fabby weekend.  PJ day for me today and I'm loving it!

My boyfriend and I have a big anniversary coming up at the end of June, and we're trying to think of somewhere to go for a little mini break.  It has to be only for a few days as I can't get more time off work at that time of year, so it can't be beyond Europe (don't mind staying in the UK either).  Any suggestions for somewhere quite exciting and cool with lots to do (we're not arty museum lovers!) or uber fabulous modern hotels?  Any suggestions will be gratefully considered! 

Instead of blogs today, I'll leave you with a few of my fave you tubers - 

Enjoy x


  1. your hair looks so pretty :) i'm really tempted to get the topshop slippers! x

  2. Some cute pics!!
    Check out my giveaway- http://allthingsbeautymake-upandshopping.blogspot.com.2012/03/giveaway-revlon-lip-butter-and.html

  3. Your hair looks so good, I always love to see your pictures on instagram, you always look so nice!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  4. I love these kind of posts, i have those studded pumps too, soo comfy x

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous on all of these photos! I want to read that Simon Cowell book and also try the strawberry & cream Starbucks! xx

  6. The Batiste cupcake is so cute! And your hair looks gorgeous curled :)

    Frances xx


  7. Your hair looks gorgeous in all these photos! The little Batiste bottle on the cupcake is so cute!xx

  8. I really enjoyed looking and reading through your photos! My mouth is watering now though, I want to try the strawberry Frappe, never had one! xx


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