26 May 2012

Sleek ultra matte darks palette review and swatches

Oh how easily I get suckered in... the moment I first saw this on a blog I knew I had to have it.  The colours just looked so pretty, and as they're all matte I thought they'd be easy to wear too - sold.

As soon as I swatched the palette though, I realised I might be wrong.  These colours are uber-pigmented - how the heck am I going to wear them?  I love a Sleek palette, but this is only the third one I own, as some of them, although beautiful, aren't colours I'd wear.  This palette struck me as being full of colours that would totally suit my colouring (brown eyes and hair, warm skin) but swatched, they scared me!  

So far I've tried out a little look using the grey shade (thunder) with a light touch of the navy (ink) and you know what, nobody died.  I'm not sure what I was panicking for.  I also used the brown (paper bag) as a crease colour with some other shadows and it was perfect.  I think it'll take me some time to build up to wearing some of the other colours in the palette, but hopefully it may push me to be a little more adventurous (ie anything more exciting that wearing Mac Painterly paint pot every day!).  

I've wavered a lot between lusting for this palette and then slightly regretting the purchase, but I've now decided that I did need it in my life for the super-pigmented staple colours, but it's not necessarily something I can reach for every day or when I'm in a rush.  I'm sure I'll love this palette more in the Autumn or Winter as the colours will be more complimentary to clothes for those seasons.

You can get this palette here - it costs £6.99 and is currently on 3 for 2 with all other cosmetics at Superdrug

Have you tried this palette?  I'd love you to link me to any looks you've created with it.  


  1. If you use a really light hand then use some of the colours on your lower lash line to add a pop! It would look really nice :) xx

  2. Normally I don't fancy this kind of dark matte shades, but these are actually quite nice! :-) xx

  3. I never comment, but I love your reviews!! This one made me laugh! Oh how often do we have these moments in makeup!

    1. Thanks for commenting even though you don't usually, and I'm glad my reviews make you laugh! =)

  4. Oh, I might actually get that palette. I do agree with you about Sleek palettes, I have the original one but I think I've only used it once when I was Cleopatra for Halloween. But I think I'll get that one as I need a darker matt brown shade than the one I own and the more neutral shades look good. :)


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