13 May 2012

Zara style large shopper bucket bag from ebay

After I posted a pic of this bag on Instagram lots of people were asking me for the link of the eBay seller I bought it from, so I thought I'd do a quick blog post on it.  As I'm sure you can tell, it's fairly similar to the very popular Zara bags that are around at the moment.

The bag is like a bag inside a bag - all of the inner pockets for your phone and zippy compartments are in an additional pouch which you can also remove if you like.  It makes the bag really room as you can put things in the pouch and have it all safely zipped up, as well as put other things down the sides - for me it's usually my comfy flat shoes!

I actually bought this on ebay a few months ago and the only listings were in Hong Kong, so it took a few weeks to arrive.  I've now found a listing that's slightly cheaper than what I paid and it's a UK listing, so all the better.  You can get the bag here for £16.55 and it also comes in black.

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  1. Wow for £16 that's amazing! About to check out the link! xx

  2. Following you on fb. I LOVE shopping too.... Next time you have giveaways you should enter them here

    http://thebloglogdirectory.blogspot.com/. Trying to put together a directory.

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  3. AMAZING!! Love this bag!
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  4. I love this! Definitely going to be checking out that eBay seller, I love the Zara bags but they're so pricey :(

    Frances xx


  5. wow its amazing :) must check it out! x Marina

  6. Love your blog - found you via Instagram (I follow you) and so glad I did. I happened to notice that you have done a heated rollers review too and I was just asking about those today so I'm doubly happy! :-)

    Nicki x

  7. I like the idea of removable compartments but not keen on the bag itself, it's not my personal taste, Ebay is always great for a good bargain :)

  8. What a great find!! I love that it has a zipped compartment to it becuase that what put me off the Zara one! x

  9. Loved this so much I've just ordered it in Black!
    I can't wait for it to get here :D

    Mollie xo

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