12 Jun 2012

Fab gifts from Cocoon Collection and Father's Day gift guide

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a fab gifts website - cocooncollection.co.uk - and asked if I wanted to review one of their gifts.  As my friend had just had a baby, I chose to send her and her husband a fun little gift to perk them up during all those sleepless nights!

This gift is called 'Sweet Fizz' and as you can see it includes loads of chocs and sweeties, truffles and cake, as well as a bottle of fizz all wrapped up in a pretty gift box.  This particular gift cost £18.99 but they also have loads of other gifts for various occasions and they're all at different price points too, so it's not hard to find one to fit the amount you want to spend.  

As it's Father's Day on Sunday, I thought I'd give you a few gift ideas from the site which make a change from the usual Deodorant Gift Set or bar of chocolate you might grab your Dad from the supermarket if you've forgotten to plan ahead!  Orders can be placed up until 2pm on Friday for delivery in time for Father's day, so there's still time to get your Dad something a bit more special and thoughtful.  

These are my favourites, but there are loads more Dad appropriate gifts here.  

What do you usually get your Dad for Father's day?
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  1. I've been using this company for years, my go to gift solution website. I have always been impressed with the gifts on offer and the recipients seem happy. Guess they are doing a marketing/PR campaign as all of a sudden everyone is blogging about them

  2. This is amazing! Perfect considering I had no idea what to get my dad! x

  3. great post!



  4. These all look like such lovely gifts. I love the little box of beers and would definitely consider it if I wasn't cutting back on spending due to our wedding. My dad has to settle for a Toblerone instead, its a big one though! xx

  5. The sugar rush certainly came in handy (& still is!) for when the little diva (aka my 5 week old baby) is choosing to make nighttime her daytime. Thanks Gem and Cocoon company x


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