10 Jun 2012

Little updates

It's been a few weeks, so it must be time to have a nosey little catch up...

Nails Inc peach sorbet with a golf glitter accent nail #notd by fluttersparkle I got bored at the airport, so this happened by fluttersparkle
Untitled by fluttersparkle I can\'t keep away from the gold speckle by fluttersparkle

1 - playing with sparkly accent nails and the pixlromatic app
2 - airport purchases
3 - baking cakes for colleagues running the race for life
4 - more sparkly nails

Boyf wearing wolf socks Came home to a lovely surprise from @glossyboxuk :) by fluttersparkle
Oh wow by fluttersparkle Dindins by fluttersparkle

1 - boyf wearing wolf socks
2 - May Glossybox
3 - Amazing Zizi pizza - I'd not been there in a long time - the menu is much more exciting these days
4 - My homemade attempt at Italian nomness 

Untitled by fluttersparkle Not the comfiest but certainly my prettiest flip flops by fluttersparkle
I  by fluttersparkle Untitled by fluttersparkle 

1 - oh yeah I'd almost forgotten - we had Summer for a few days
2 & 3 - a rare opportunity to bust out my best flip flops
4 - barbeque time

Jubilee cupcakes! by fluttersparkle Jubilee cake! by fluttersparkle
Corgi posters everywhere at my work for our Jubilee celebrations by fluttersparkle Jubilee glitter nails by fluttersparkle

1 - Jubilee cupcakes
2 - Jubilee flag cake
3 - Corgi posters as part of the Jubilee decs at work
4 - Jubilee glitter nails

 TFI Friday cocktail time by fluttersparkle Cinema snacks by fluttersparkle
Hot nail chums with @zaza85 by fluttersparkle Hell yeah by fluttersparkle

1 - much needed Friday night cocktails
2 - Cinema snacks while watching Prometheus
3 - Having a glitz off to see who has the sparkliest nails (I'm the claws on the left)
4 - Pub platter 

What do you think of this watch? by fluttersparkle Love these by fluttersparkle
Sizzle sizzle fajita time by fluttersparkleHoneycomb cheesecake by fluttersparkle

1 - Wearing my new watch to death
2 - Kiddie chocs taste the best
3 - Sizzling fajitas at Chimmichanga
4 - naughty dessert at Chimmichanga

A little Topshop makeup haul by fluttersparkle Got the Boots NO7 glitters with the ¬£5 vouchers by fluttersparkle
I had blueberries left over from my Jubilee cake, so this happened... by fluttersparkle Oooh sparkly by fluttersparkle

1 - Topshop beauty haul 
2 - spending my Boots No7 vouchers wisely
3 - making American blueberry pancakes with syrup and jam
4 - trying out the silver sparkle from No7

Strawberries and dips with boyf face by fluttersparkle Just the one super glittery nail today by fluttersparkle
Afternoon tea time :) by fluttersparkle Woke up crazy early and finished this - can\'t wait to start the second by fluttersparkle
1 - strawberries and dips - choccy philly, coconut yogurt and nutella 
2 - more sparkles with the Topshop polish I bought
3 - scrummy afternoon tea
4 - my new obsession - who else is reading this?

So that's what I've been up to as well as my other news of having booked my holiday to Vegas which I mentioned a few days ago.  Wooo!

What a shame that we only get two days for the weekend this week eh? :( 



  1. Ahh pretty nails - + you've made me so hungry now with all the yummy food pics!

    Fern, xo


  2. I love more sparkly nails.. I can never find the no7 sparkles :( xxx

    1. I found them on the actual counter by the till - keep trying they're worth it!

  3. I had so many thoughts running through my head looking at these, I love them allllll! Esp the food! :) Where are your flowery flip flops from btw? They're lovely!

    1. Thanks hun :) the flower / ruffle flips flops were from Dorothy Perkins last year xx

  4. All the cakes look so yummy, I really want to read Fifty Shades Of Grey x

  5. Your food instagrams always make me hungry :)


  6. Lovely pics, I love your flip flops.

    B xxx

  7. Looks like a great week. So many pretty nails. I've read all three of the 50 Shades books and theyre all really good. The second one was my favourite but they're all worth the read :) I have a review of the series scheduled to post tomorrow if you're interested in a look. xx


    1. Thanks hun - I will defs have a look as long as it won't spoil the ending for me! I'm half way through book 2 xx

  8. Looks like a good week! I'm loving 50 shades of Grey, I'm half way through it!



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