24 Jun 2012

Little updates

Happy Sunday everyone, well for what's left of it anyway.  I just don't know where my weekends go, they're far to short :(  But on the bright side I have a two day week at work this week, woo!  Right now let's get on to the snooping...

Prettying up my kitchen by fluttersparkle New cups, milk jug and sugar bowl for at home afternoon teas :) by fluttersparkle
Gorgeous storage boxes in TK Maxx by fluttersparkle Which one do I get? by fluttersparkle
1 - finding a place for my new teapot to live in my kitchen and playing with the picfx iphone app
2 - new cups, milk jug and sugar bowl to go with my new teapot - I'm planning some at home afternoon tea shenanigans 
3 - ogling the beautiful storage in TK Maxx 
4 - picking out which one to get for storing beauty products for blogging

My pretty new suitcase by fluttersparkle Why did nobody tell me Asda had started selling these?! by fluttersparkle
Today\'s outfit for mooching around CostCo by fluttersparkle Biggest teddy ever! by fluttersparkle
1 - my pretty new suitcase ready for Vegas
2 - one of my favourite US snacks is now in Asda!
3 - Saturday outfit of the day
4 - me and the bf with the hugest teddy I've ever seen

Kiddie desserts for the win by fluttersparkle Stealing a bit of Ibiza Mix from @fluffypinkystar by fluttersparkle
Outfit of the night by fluttersparkle I\'m all sequins and seahorses today by fluttersparkle
1 - killing my desert with sprinkles :)
2 - playing with Models Own Ibiza Mix borrowed from my friend
3 - a little outfit of the evening from when it was a bit sunny and I wore my new dipped hem maxi skirt
4 - loving my new top - seahorses and sequins

Mmm fresh cherries by fluttersparkle Boyf got me a little anniversary present from L\'Occitane by fluttersparkle
Pub food munch by fluttersparkle Pick \'n\' mix! by fluttersparkle
1 - fresh cherries, nom
2 - the boyf bought me a little treat from L'Occitane but I have to wait until next week to get it
3 - pub lunch and I ordered a burger (which I never ever do) and the bf didn't (he absolutely always does) -these random happenings amuse us
4 - pick and mix from Wilkinsons - not a patch on good old Woolworths 

Double Wear haul and samples by fluttersparkle Thanks @fluffypinkystar xx by fluttersparkle
My beaut new shoes from daisystreet.co.uk @punkpr by fluttersparkle Nomness by fluttersparkle
1 - pricey but necessary Estee Lauder haul
2 - a choccy gift from my bestie's baby girl to thank me for her pressies
3 - my new love (no I haven't stopped going on about these yet)
4 - lasagna of dreams (sorry Zara, this is a real lasagna!) 

 Brush washing boredom by fluttersparkle As tidy as this part of my dressing table ever gets by fluttersparkle
Lipstick drawer by fluttersparkle Finally it\'s tidy again by fluttersparkle
1 - the boredom of brush cleaning 
2 - tidied my dressing table but it still looked crammed with products
3 - organising my lippie drawer
4 - my make-up tower after a big tidy-up and sort out

Breakfast has been served to me in the bath by the boyf - love it by fluttersparkle Getting into book 2 while boyf watches F1 by fluttersparkle
My favourite dinner by fluttersparkle They\'re both mine #greedy by fluttersparkle
1 - mix and match toast - one marmite one blackberry jam - so wrong but tastes so right
2 - I finished book 2.  Half way through book 3 now.
3 - Nomster steak dinner - homemade sweet potato wedges and green beans with chilli and soy
4 - mixing my drink because I'm totes living on the edge

It's actually my blog's birthday this month, so I really need to be doing something about that.  I'm thinking I might do a giveaway in two parts so that I can do a little one now and then another one after my holiday so that I can include lots of fun US makeup.  What do you think?

I've been getting back my love for pinterest this week - if you've not checked it out yet or if you want to see my pins have a peek here - http://pinterest.com/fluttersparkle/

Also I thought I'd just give a little plug to my facebook page which I now update with all of my posts, so it's a good way of keeping up with blogs if you use facebook a lot - http://www.facebook.com/flutterandsparkle

And finally a few blogs for your to browse - some are my old faves and some are brand new discoveries - enjoy :)



  1. storage in tk maxx is the prettiest! i have a trunk decorated in maps and vintage photos from there, i love it! so jealous of your jewellery storage too, i need to invest in something like that! xx

  2. That storage is very pretty! I'm currently using Lush hatboxes but my collection is outgrowing it so I need a Helmer xo

  3. So jealous you are going to Vegas! I bet it will be amazing
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  4. Love so much of this stuff!

  5. Lovely pics! I read the fifty shades trilogy a little while ago, so good! x

  6. TK Maxx is the best for finding cute storage solutions. It is always my go-to place!


  7. Love your little update posts :) You're so right, pic & mix from Wilko just isn't the same!

  8. Looks like a great week! I bought a storage chest from TK Maxx the other week, same size as that one but a vintage Union Jack type one, I love it!
    I wish you'd stop posting picture of those shoes, you're making me want to spend money I don't have! xx

  9. Have you ever tried Chessmen by Pepperidge Farm? They are AMAZING! x

    Island Girl Insights ♥

    1. No but I need to google them now and find out what they are!

  10. That lasagne looks amazing! :)
    Hope you enjoy your 2 day week x


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