15 Jun 2012

L'Occitane Amande / Almond Beautiful Shape review

This is L'Occitane Beautiful Shape from the Amande (Almond) body range.  It's designed to target cellulite on the thighs, but, being me I have to be awkward and I've found an alternative use.

Now it's not like my thighs don't need help, trust me they do, but after I started using this product on my legs I noticed the tightening effect on my skin and instantly I knew another area of my body that could do with that sort of help - my upper arms.  Bingo wings, or whatever you want to call them, I hate them, almost as much as my thighs.  Possibly more, as you tend to want to display your arms more often than your thighs, so they bother me the most.  

Nobody's going to convince me that there's a product that can eliminate cellulite and the general wiggly-wobbliness from my body completely, but, I am always keen to try anything that can help make it a little less obvious, and this is just the thing.  

I've been applying this product after getting out of the shower and pretty much massaging it in in big circular motions, as I think that also helps.  It makes my skin feel fresh and also slightly tingly and there's a lasting tightening look and feel, which I've found it more noticeable on my arms than my legs, or maybe I'm just inspecting my arms more closely.  

I hardly ever get my upper arms out, but this product is giving me an extra bit of confidence as my skin looks smoother.  When it's really hot (I'm feeling optimistic about the British weather) I may just wear something sleeveless providing my arms are freshly slathered in the Beautiful Shape gel, and some fake tan.  

As I'm not about half way through my tube of Beautiful Shape, I'm going to concentrate it on my upper arms and I'm sure that I'll re-purchase when I run out.  I think I'll start using it on the wiggly thighs again about a month before I'm due to go on holiday, as that's the only time they see the light of day anyway!  

This costs £29 for a large 200ml tube and you can get it direct from L'Occitane here.

Would you try this on your wiggly bits?! =) 
*PR sample



  1. Love the Amande range by L'Occitane... I use their supple skin oil when I want my skin to appear more smooth and radiant! Rachel from www.whatabeauty.co.uk

  2. Ooh that sounds nice, thanks for the tip xx


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