8 Jun 2012

My new watch - Sekonda white and rose gold party time

If you follow my instagram you might have seen a new watch frequently popping up lately.  It's my favourite new accessory - the Sekonda white and rose gold party time watch.  It has a white silicone adjustable strap strap and a rose gold plated face decorated with sparkly crystals.

I got this from find watches after being asked if I'd like to choose a Sekonda watch to play with.  Err, yes please!

They have lots of pretty coloured watches in the Sekonda party time range which you can check out here, but I was instantly drawn this rose gold lovely as I just knew it would go with so many of the clothes and accessories I'm wearing at the moment.  Here's the watch looking hot in a little instagram outfit of the night from last weekend.

Tonight\'s outfit for Mexican with the girls by fluttersparkle

It's such a beaut and a real bargain at £34.99.  I've hardly taken it off since I got it :)
*PR sample



  1. Oooh this really is such a pretty watch! xx

  2. Oooooh I love this :)) Fab choice lovely xxx

  3. Ooh I love this, it's so pretty... I love both white and rose gold watches at the moment! :)

    Frances xx


  4. Ohhh that was definitely a great choice! It's so lovely, definitely works in so many outfits :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  5. This is an absolute beaut you lucky girl x

  6. Ahhhh, I really love and want this! SO nice! Going to have a look at their watches right now. xo


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