21 Jun 2012

Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm review

This really is the product on everyone's lips right now, so I just had to pick it up when I was at the Nuxe stand at Marks and Spencer in Westfield Stratford City last week - more about that here.

I'd tried a Nuxe lipbalm before in stick form, and it was rather nice, but the Reve de Miel tub just takes it to a whole other level.  It's the perfect thing to put on my lips at night - it goes on in a matte layer that last and last, moisturising the lips all night - it's still there when I wake up in the morning!  

As you can see I've already made a little dent in my tub - I couldn't resist giving it a go on the tube on the way home!  It's has a lovely fragrence, the same as the stick lip balm, which I always think smells like is a cross between lemon and honey, and it goes on really easily and like I said it's quite matte.  

I've also worn this balm in the day and applied lip gloss or lipstick over the top with no issues.  It's just such a comforting product to put on your lips if they're feeling a bit dry sore, and the effect from using it over night is quite lasting in terms of repairing dry or cracked lips.  

Have I raved enough about this now?  The Reve de Miel lip balm costs £9.50 for a 15g tub and you can get it from Marks and Spencer online, or from feelunique with free delivery.

Have you tried this yet?


  1. I'm so much more tempted by Nuxe stuff, now that it's available in M and S! xxx

  2. hmmmm, to buy or not to buy! x

    1. Have a look at it in M&S and see what you think - I was uncertain until I saw it in real life xx

  3. Need this in my life, always have dry lips!

  4. Ohh I need a new lipbalm, it's very tempting!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  5. I have the nuxe hair oil and love it. Plus i'm addicted to lip balms so this is a must for me. Really want to give it a go!

    1. I haven't tried the hair oil - I might check that out, thanks :)

  6. I heard about it ages ago, as it's really hyped up around Polish beauty vloggers. I always wanted to try it out but it's seems to be sold out almost everywhere. x

  7. I really need to get my hands on this, haven't seen it near me! :)



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