23 Jun 2012

Primark Autumn 2012 collection - planning my haul already!

You know I love a good Primark haul, so it'll come as no surprise that I'm already stalking their offerings for Autumn!  Here are my favourites from everything I've seen so far.

Two part heels - £12

Blazer - £15

Metallic heels - £10
Pearl collar necklace - £4

Spike studded collar shirt - £12

Wedges - £18

Cut out shirt - £12

I'm rather impressed, especially with the shoes.  Knowing what Primark are like, by August all of the bikinis and flipflops will be gone and these new lovelies will be lining the shelves.  

See anything you like?



  1. Love the shoes, love the blazer! Look forward to seeing these in store! x

  2. I cannot believe some of their pieces-- cannot wait till mid july-- I will be going in everyday hehe... thanks girly..

    I just made my own wishlist for the ones I want.. all thanks to you..



  3. I am hoping to get that blazer too, so excited!

  4. My faves are the pink blazer and pearl necklace - gorgeous! x

  5. When will the collectiOn be in stores? Also I found a jumper but don't know the price, is there somewhere I can look for the price?

    1. Hi Callie. It will start to arrive in August. I've put the price next to all the items I've shown, but I don't know the jumper you mean so can't help with the price. Where did you see it?


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