8 Jul 2012

Estée Lauder Double Wear and Double Wear maximum foundation review

A while ago I reviewed Estée Lauder's Double Wear foundation (here), after purchasing my first bottle.  I'm now onto bottle number three and I've also bought Double Wear Maximum.  Clearly I like it (massive understatement!) so I thought I'd do an updated review.

I'm still finding my shade, so haven't completely finished any of the bottles, although my first one is almost empty.  I like to be able to do a bit of shade mixing so that I can get as true a colour as possible regardless of whether I'm sporting a pasty pale or tango tanned face.  I bought Double Wear Maximum to use as a concealer.

These are the Double Wear shades I have.  Left to right these are 1N1 Ecru, 3N1 Ivory beige, 4C1 outdoor beige and the swatches are in the same order.  The swatch on the far right is Double Wear Maximum in 03 Creamy Vanilla.  

The first shade I bought was the darkest - 4C1 outdoor beige.  I bought this at an outlet so there was a limited selection of colours.  As it was summer and I was tanned I decided this was okay, but it really is too dark for me unless I'm seriously tanned.  I still got a great feel for how much my skin liked this foundation from using this though, and as it was going so well, when my tan faded I bought a much paler shade so that I could do some mixing.  That's when I picked up 1N1 Ecru.  

As my darker shade started to run low, I went off to an Estée Lauder counter to get matched, and I was recommended 3N1 Ivory beige.  In store it seemed like a perfect match, but at home and in daylight it's too dark for me.  I was a bit disappointed as I had been matched and expected the colour to suit me, but I can now just continue mixing with my lighter shade to get the right colour, and I'll be able to adjust it when my skin tone changes too.

Double Wear is the longest lasting foundation I've ever tried.  My skin is a real combination of oily, normal and dry patches, so foundations don't have an easy ride with me.  I tend to use a BB cream as a primer over my moisturiser and under my foundation, and I find that works really well with Double Wear.  The BB cream is a bit of an unnecessary step, but I really like using them and they do seem to make foundation glide on.

My favourite way to apply this foundation is with my Real Techniques buffing brush (review here) and I then top it with a little Mac MSF natural in medium applied with a Sigma duo fibre brush, which gives me the matte finish I'm after.  

Some people say Double Wear is too heavy, and that it's meant only for people with serious skin issues or older skins, but I disagree.  It works for me, so I'll keep re-purchasing it.  

My love for Double Wear led me to start hankering after Double Wear Maximum after I noticed a few bloggers mentioning they used it as a concealer.  It would be too heavy for me to use as a full foundation, but it's pretty much perfect on my dark circles and any little blemishes.  I got it in the shade 03 Creamy Vanilla which although quite light for me, was recommended to me at the counter because I mainly wanted to conceal dark circles.

I apply Double Wear Maximum as a concealer after applying my foundation.  I squirt a fairly tiny amount out and dot it onto the areas that need it with a small brush.  I then blend it in using my foundation buffing brush as I find this helps it blend really well with the rest of my foundation.  The Mac MSF natural then goes over the top.

Double Wear Maximum is equally long lasting, and works so well for me as a concealer, but I don't really understand how it would work as a foundation - not on my skin anyway as it is extremely thick and would give a mask-like finish if applied all over.  I imagine it would work very well for anyone with discolouration / scarring they wanted to cover.  

As the Double Wear family works so well for me, I'm kind of tempted to try Double Wear Light too, just to check I'm not missing out on anything!  The lovely lady who served me at the Estée Lauder counter was wearing Double Wear Light and the finish looked really beautiful, but as I was already buying two foundations  that day I didn't even go there!  Maybe on my next trip..

You can buy Double Wear and Double Wear Maximum from Debenhams with free delivery - they cost £27.50 each.

Have you been swayed by the Double Wear range too?

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  1. I love this foundation so much as well. I buy a shade that's most like my skin tone and then I bought a white barry m foundation and a very dark maybelline one to mix them with. It saves me buying other bottles and spending the money! I tried maximum cover and it was AMAZING. It made my skin look very old though, such a shame :( xxx

  2. Double Wear is too heavy for my personal taste, but I would really recommend Double Wear Light! It still has a good coverage but feels lighter on the skin and has a finish subtle glow to the finish xxx

  3. I am really really intrigued by these products because i have heard so much about them, but I am such a rookie when it comes to foundation. I dont know what suits me, what to buy or how to make the product work for me. I always give up when it goes really horrible around parts of my dry skin. I will definitly check out the EL counter next time i am out x

  4. I love Doublewear, been trying other foundations but think I'm going to go back to this. I've been thinking about the Maximum too, if it covers dark circles then I'm really interested.

  5. I love double wear-my current shades too pale and I'd never thought about mixing 2! Great idea!


  6. I use all three of the Double Wear Foundations - light in the summer or when my skin is behaving itself a bit better, the regular Double Wear most of the time, and maximum cover as a concealer or if my skin is really bad. Love all three - you should give Double Wear Light a try too, it's not as long lasting, but it's just an excellent more natural version of the regular one.

  7. Thank you for your review! I love Double Wear! It's not easy to find the perfect shade... I used for years Double Wear in Pale Almond, but it was too dark for me... I switched to Fresco, e when in Italy was finally introduced a lightest shade, Ecru, i bought it... and finally i find the right match!
    Unfortunately, lately my skin have severe problems of couperose, and i can't cover up those red veins just with the foundation. I try to used a concealer (Shiseido Natural Finish Cream, quite good), but i need more coverage. This evening, wandering on the net, i found the existance of Double Wear Maximum Coverage, and i would like to buy it (on line, because in Italy is not commercialized). Next year i'm getting married, and i am searching for the perfect foundation!
    You have tried Double Wear in Ecru... do you think that Double Wear Maximum Coverage in shade 03 is lighter or darker than Ecru?
    Is so hard buy a foundation on line without know the right shade!!!
    Thank you!!

    1. I always mixed Ecru with a darker shade as it was very light for me. Double Wear Maximum is light on me as I deliberately wanted it that way as an under eye concealer. I'd say it must be darker than Ecru or else it would be too light for me. If I still had some Ecru left I'd swatch them next to each other for you, but it ran out a while back and now I just buy the right shade for my skin. Sorry I can't be of any more help xx

  8. I took a sample yesterday of DW and tried it today, it's quite good! I will purchase it.
    It's a shame that there isn't the Maximum here!

  9. Hi! Do you think that the shade 3 Creamy Vanilla is for a nc15 Mac skin tone? Thanks!

    1. I'm really sorry I don't know. Temptalia.com has a shade comparison tool which may help you xx

  10. Can't believe I still haven't tried this! Must do it, hear such great things about it!


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