22 Jul 2012

Little updates and guest posting opportunity

It's been a few weeks since my last 'little updates' post.  Mainly because I've been ill with the flu and not doing very much.  I've not felt so ill in a very long time - I didn't leave the house or wear makeup for 5 days!  Luckily I had some draft posts done which I could schedule when I wasn't feeling up to doing any blogging.

I'm feeling much better now although I still have an annoying cough and cold and being unwell has really dried out my skin and given it a nasty rough texture which I'm battling with various products.

Here's what I was getting up to before I was struck by germs, and just after.

Noms Choosing what to have at Ask
Hooray for sunshine and big ass sunglasses! Loving this new purchase

1 & 2 - having lunch alfresco with the boyf at Ask
3 - wearing massive sunglasses as the sun has come back this weekend!
4 - my first, and definitely not my last Revlon chubby (or Just Bitten lip stain as they're properly known)

Oooh sneaky peeky @zaza85 by fluttersparkle Starbucks cool lime refresher - a bit disappointing really! by fluttersparkle
Stila Christmas collection by fluttersparkle So pleased with how it turned out :) by fluttersparkle

1 - a birthday present for a bestie - I'll have to show you what was in here at some point - I thought it was rather exciting
2 - Lime refresher - I wanted to like this, but it was just like squash (expensive squash)
3 - Stila Christmas goodies on show
4 - DIY fternoon tea - I posted about this here

Amazing flu survival kit delivered by @fluffypinkystar thank you so much! xx by fluttersparkle If a curry doesn\'t sort me out, nothing will by fluttersparkle
Being unwell is making my skin so dry and gross - using these to bring it back to life by fluttersparkle Combatting the germs with comfort food by fluttersparkle

1 - poorly girl survival kit supplied by my bestie
2 - curry to kill the germs
3 - Attempting to re-hydrate my dried out skin
4 - More comfort food for fighting the germs

I made afternoon tea for my family today - so much fun by fluttersparkle Woo my @muacosmetics haul is here - helloooo Undressed palette! :) by fluttersparkle
Followed by a little nibble on this. So long chocolate, you\'ve been a good friend to me! by fluttersparkle Love having these on my little blogging desk - brightens my day :) by fluttersparkle

1 - another snap of my at-home afternoon tea
2 - A little MUA haul
3 - boyf bought me a giant walnut whip
4 - pretty flowers for my window desk

Thank you for my goodies @kmiclub - I\'ve heard good things about the Shine On treatment :) by fluttersparkle Oh thank goodness Instagram\'s back - what was the point in painting my nails if I couldn\'t add some picfx and share?!! by fluttersparkle
Thank you @notforponies @punkpr - the cutest boy\'s t-shirt - we love sausage dogs so much! by fluttersparkle Tempted to put my cute bunny Jimmi Jamms pjs on by fluttersparkle

1 - lovely prizes from Keepmeinspired.co.uk
2 - sparkly nails
3 - boyf's new sausage dog t-shirt - I blogged about this here
4 - new PJs from Jimmi Jamms c/o Boots

Oh wow I love these! Thank you @littlemooseshop @punkpr by fluttersparkleMint and sparkles on my nails today by fluttersparkle
 Nearly time to go on the eye by fluttersparkle Calippos while we wait for our boat by fluttersparkle

1 - the cutest earrings - blog post here 
2 - more glitter nails
3 - trip on the eye with the bf
4 - Calippos by the Thames

Hello Kitty balloon! by fluttersparkle Got my free Nero juice booster from O2 by fluttersparkle
Today I\'m wearing ponies with a Peter pan collar by fluttersparkle Royal blue with sparkles to cheer me up on Monday! by fluttersparkle

1 - my Hello Kitty balloon 
2 - Sharing a yummy iced mango drink from Nero
3 - Pony peter pan top - blog post here 
4 - even more sparkly nails

Guest posters wanted!  

I'm going on holiday in September and would love to have some of you to guest post for me while I'm away.  I'd love to see posts on anything beauty and fashion related, or some DIYs or recipes too.  My only requirements are that you need to provide clear images to go with your post which look okay when displayed as the 'extra large' size on blogger, and that your post is with me by Friday, 17 August so that I have time to get them all scheduled and write intros.  

Please drop me an email to fluttersparkle@gmail.com if you're interested in guest posting, and tell me what your post would be about.  All guest posters will be introduced by me, with a link back to your blog at the top and the bottom of your post, so some of my lovely readers may well pop over to have a nosey of your blog too :)  

That's all for now - I'm now off outside going to enjoy the little bit of Summer which seems to have appeared today.  Have a fab weekend everyone x



  1. Great instagram pics, I love your nails!

    Rose x

  2. I love the Revlon chubby shade you bought, best name for them, i can never be bothered to type out the whole thing!
    Ive bought a couple and love the formula of them so much x

    1. Me too - I picked up a second one right away! xx

  3. I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better now, sounds like you've been having a rough time of it. I love soup when I'm ill, that and lucozade! x

    1. Thanks Leanne - I'm a Lucozade fan too, but it's loaded with calories. I flushed the germs with Ribena instead! xx

  4. Loving the pictures! Your nails look great!! :)



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