31 Jul 2012

Plopp - tastier than it sounds! A Swedish treat from Cybercandy

As you may have noticed, especially from my Instagram posts, I rather like my naughty food.  In particular, I like unusual naughty food, especially sweeties from overseas.  Cybercandy is a site I've known about for a long time - it was one of the first places I found where I could buy fab things I'd tried in the USA such as Reece's pieces and Hershey's kisses.  These days you can get a few of these standard items in supermarkets, but Cybercandy make the really hard to find items accessible - they sell coconut M&Ms!

It's not just food from the US though, Cybercandy have sent me a Swedish treat to try out - this is Plopp!

Despite the slightly ironic and unfortunate name, Plopp is really nice!  I've never seen anywhere to buy this before, and I've never been to Sweden so I'd not heard of it.  I love trying new things, so the boyf and I had good fun testing this out.  

Plopp is a chocolate bar filled with white truffle and raspberry jelly - it's completely different from the usual chcolate bars we get in the UK.  You can get Plopp and lots of other lovely treats from Cybercandy here.  

Delivery is fast and the box it comes in says "Om nom nom" on the side.  What more could you want?!  

What's your favourite chocolate or candy from outside the UK?  
*PR sample


  1. I LOVE Cyber Candy. I wish they stocked Sour Patch Kids though :(

    1. Me too! The one in Covent Garden used to stock Sou Patch Kids, but for some reason they stopped :( It's got to the stage where I'm eyeing up a bulk load of them on eBay! x

    2. Oops for some reason we didn't get any on our last US shipment, but they will be back soon (◣◢)

  2. Oh I LOVE coconut m&m's there's actually a little newsagents in Belfast that stocks them along with a few other american treats xo

  3. This looks amazingly yummy.

    Ria x

  4. Oooooooooh, want want want! This sounds right up my street! xo

  5. Why haven't I heard of this website before?! Definitely going to order something! xx

  6. Oh wow, thank you for introducing me to this site! Especially just before my birthday *adds everything to birthday list* its dangerous for someone as chocoholic as me! xx


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