30 Aug 2012

Etat Pur skin care for early and deep wrinkles

As you know I'm a bit into my wrinkle prevention, so I jumped at the chance to try out two products from Etat Pur - A03 and A05.  One is designed to protect against early wrinkles, so I thought this one would be perfect for using around my eyes, wheras the other is for deep wrinkles - I'm scowling at you frown lines.

The A03 active is made with pure green tea and it contains powerful antioxidants 100 times more effective than vitamin C.  As well as preventing wrinkles and loss of firmness in the skin, it also soothes and protects against environmental damage.  This has been great as an eye product and I've also used it around the laughter lines too.  It's a really liquid product so it's very easy to apply and it sinks straight in to the skin without leaving any film or residue so I can happily use this in the morning before applying make-up.  

A05 is for deep wrinkles, like my big stubborn frown line.  Apparently these types of wrinkles are caused by a loss of tissue density (not because I pull too many grumpy faces then?), free radical attacks and general skin ageing.  The A05  active contains Resveratrol which is a powerful anti-ageing molecule which naturally occurs in fruits such as grapes.  It stimulates and prolongs the lifespan of skin cells to target the deeper wrinkles, and as another benefit, it also regulates skin oiliness too - perfect for my forehead area.  This is not as much of a lightweight product as the A03, it's a little thicker and a more opaque colour.  It works well for the forehead area and I tend to use about three little pumps of the tube each time.  

These  actives are really easy to use and are convenient for travelling too as they're in compact bottles / tubes. To get the product out you press on the bottom and a little blob of product gets dispensed.  I have found it a little bit more difficult to do as the product has run out a bit, so I can imagine I'll be taking the thing apart to get the last drops of the product out so as not to waste any!

These are pretty reasonable priced too compared to most anti-ageing skin care - A03 Green Tea is £9.40 and A05 Resvertarol is £12.80 and you can get them from www.etatpur.co.uk
*PR sample



  1. These are really quite reasonably priced! I need something to help my forehead line!

  2. I love this Brand have been using the Q10 for some of my fine lines.

  3. Actually i am fond of this brands and it is available on so cheap prices....


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