15 Aug 2012

Makeup Savvy 15 day nail challenge - Day 15 - anything! (vintage florals)

I've made it to the final day on the Makeup Savvy 15 day nail challenge!  For the last day, we were challenged to do anything, so I thought I'd try some nail art I've always liked but never gotten around to - vintage florals.

The colours I used for this are the ones in the picture all but the lilac.  I intended to use that but there wasn't enough contrast between that and the pink so I switched for coral and forgot to take another snap of the bottles.

You don't have to be neat for this look - it's part of the charm - and it's sooo easy I can't believe I've never tried it before.  You just paint your base, then some blobs and then do some swirls over the blobs and some little dashes for the leaves, so easy I can even do it with my left hand.

So that's the end of the challenge, I hope you liked seeing it.  I'm pretty impressed that I kept up with all 15 even if one or two were posted a little late.

Normal blogging shall resume shortly...



  1. Love this look and loved the challenge! Some of the others were amazing too! xx

  2. Stunning! Really enjoyed seeing your daily designs :)

    Cath x


  3. Gorgeous! The colours you've used are perfect x

  4. Love it! Really really nice effect and I'm definitely going to try this x

  5. I love the bright colours that you used, it makes me ready for summer all over again haha!

  6. So pretty - love the colours! Though I'm not totally convinced when you say it's easy to do, I'm fairly certain mine would be terrible! :) x


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