21 Aug 2012

Vaseline healthy hands pure aloe hand cream

Sometimes I want a heavy duty hand cream that you can apply at night and leave it to really sink in, but I also need one for quickly applying on the go which will absorb fast.  Vaseline healthy hands is fitting the bill as my on the go hand cream right now, and it''s especially perfect in the heat as it's lovely and cooling.

The hand cream contains pure aloe + stratys 3 which helps it to infuse moisture into the skin even though it sinks in fast.  I can't get enough of the aloe fragrance, it's just so fresh.  I can't resist having a little sniff every time I apply it.  I've been getting through loads of this in the past few weeks as I've been using it all the time and I'll definitely be buying another.  It's only £2.99 and it's currently on buy one get one free at Boots.
*PR sample


  1. I am obsessed with hand cream! I can't go anywhere without it and mine ran out a few days ago so I'm going crazy! I'm a sucker for anything aloe- thanks for reviewing! xx

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    1. Aloe stuff just smells so fresh - love it

  2. I love this, especially that it has SPF in it!



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