28 Sept 2012

A salty-sweet cinnamon fix of om nom nom from Cyber Candy

If you're a little bit in love with all things U S of A like me, you might get just a little bit excited about this post.  I've been chomping on an indulgent little snack from Cybercandy - just one bite gives you that much needed hit of yankee doodle dandy - if I close my eyes I'm almost right back in Vegas... almost

Here they are in all their tempting glory - gourmet salted waffle pretzels with cinnamon bun dip.  It even sounds naughty, don't think of the calories.  

These awesome snacks are from Cyber Candy's Hammond's American Vintage range - I dare you to have a browse and not get the munchies when you scroll through heavenly treats like white cholocate peanut butter cup dip, s'mores chocolate bars, and gingerbread candy canes.

I brought these treats out when I had some friends round at the weekend and they loved them.  I blame them for the poor quality of my flash-back photos - I had to snap quick before their greedy little hands got in the frame.  I know it's mean, but I'm starting to regret having shared them, I could have easily munched the whole lot myself.  

The waffle pretzels (£4.50) were light and crunchy with a hit of saltiness which contrasts perfectly with the super sweet and seriously cinnamonny gooey dip (£7.99).  We just don't get the salty-sweet thing right over here like they do in America.  Eating these reminded me of a salted caramel frappucino I had on my holiday - I need my salty-sweet fix!

You can take a peek at the full Cyber Candy range online here, or if you're about in Shoreditch, East London you can check out the new steampunk themed Cyber Candy Boxpark store and have a sniff and a lick of the goods for yourself.  

Cyber Candy Boxpark store

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  1. omg i love cinnamon buns more than anything, i need this! xx

  2. How have I never checked out cyber candy before?! these sound amazing! xx

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  3. ah i made a cheeky purchase on there not so long ago, now these have made me want to have another snoop!! xx

  4. This looks incredible, I'm practically drooling..
    Whilst wondering if it's acceptable to just eat it out of the jar with a spoon :D

    Mollie xo

  5. Yum, the dip sounds sooooo good. I'm not the hugest fan of pretzels but I can imagine that in this case they'd go well together. Nom.
    Mel x


  6. I wanted to try these but I always eat chocolate pretzels ha, I LOVE them, love the salty sweet combo, I am an American at heart! good post lady! yummmm

  7. Wow this sounds so yummy, I love cinnamon :-)


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