13 Sept 2012

Holiday beauty essentials with Lola and Behold

Today's guest poster is Lo - she's a new beauty blogger having only started a couple of months ago, but her blog is already looking fab.  Her blog has lovely, large clear photos, which is always the first thing that attracts me to a new blog - have a peek here - Lola and Behold.

When the opportunity came up to guest-post here, I decided to share with you my holiday beauty essentials. I know most people have products that they use most days, for instance one of my beauty staples is my GOSH eyebrow pen, which I wear every day without fail. However, I find that for me this all changes when I go on holiday to sunnier climates. So I am going to share with you which products I find are essential for me when in the sun, and why...

model's own hedkandi Beach Party | model's own Coral Reef
One of the most important beauty products when I am on holiday is a brightly-coloured (preferably neon) nail polish. Essential for when you have your toes out all week, sunbathing and wear flip flops and sandals. The brighter the polish, the better, as neon colours really 'pop' on tanned skin, and I find that the contrast between your polish and your tan really makes your tan look darker. These two shades by model's own are my favourite summer shades.

Tres Emme Salon Smooth Serum | Denman Massage Brush
I imagine I'm not the only one to struggle with my hair whilst on holiday, due to the mixture of chlorine, sea salt and sun. I get really frustrated trying to de-tangle my hair after a day in the sun, and find that my hair gets really dry and brittle and needs a lot of extra care. I have been trying out lots of hair serums and sprays recently, and have found that this one from Tres Emme works well for me as it protects the hair as well as taming frizz and flyaways. Not only that, but I have noticed that if I slather this all over my hair it makes it ten times easier to run a comb or a brush through it. The Denman Massage Brush is a bargain at £2.97 for a lovely head massage. The idea is that you use this when applying your shampoo and conditioner to massage the product in, as well as giving you a soothing head massage at the same time. Whilst on holiday this will also come in handy for combing through your conditioner in the hair, leaving your hair de-tangled by the time you get out of the shower.

Revlon Lip Butter 015 Tutti Frutti | Revlon Just Bitten Kissable 040 Rendezvous | Carmex Click Stick Cherry
I for one, find that on holiday I don't want a full face of make-up, and can get by with only the bare essentials. People tend to look so much healthier and glowing whilst on holiday with a tan and feeling stress-free. Therefore I like to stick to the basics. A nice peachy or coral lip shade as the main focus, such as Revlon's lip butter or chubby stick, and the rest of the face neutral. And for day times, a lip balm with a sun protection factor, such as this click stick by Carmex. I always struggle to find lip balms that don't melt in the sun, but this one has been everywhere with me and has not melted yet!

MUA palette - Undressed
Carrying on with the neutral theme, I intend to take this palette by MUA with me. It eradicates the need to take more than one eyeshadow or palette with me, and you can create so many different looks with it.

Sanctuary Stop The Clock Moisturiser SPF15 | Empty SK-II sample pot
I like to keep my face bare and allow my skin to breathe whilst on holiday, so in the evenings I will be applying a moisturiser such as this one by Sanctuary. It cost roughly £15, and feels extremely luxurious. Most importantly, it has an SPF15, and as the sun is still out in the evenings I like to feel protected from the sun. On the downside, the packaging is glass and so rather heavy, so I intend to decant enough for a week into this empty pot of SK-II too which I got from a previous Glossybox.

Collection 2000 Mosaic Glow
Finally, for an all-over shimmer and glow I like to use this bronzer by Collection 2000. It is simply stunning, and I often go a bit crazy and wear it all over my face, neck, shoulders and arms. I have re-purchased this countless times and simply can't recommend it enough!

So those are my holidays essentials. I hope you've enjoyed reading, and I look forward to hearing about the products that you cannot go on holiday without!

Fab post Lola - the Revlon lip products and the MUA Undressed palette are in my holiday makeup bag too.  Check out Lola's blog here - Lola and Behold.


  1. I still haven't bought any Models Own nail polishes but from what I've seen they all look gorgeous!
    Beauty Fiends Blog

  2. A good holiday beauty guide. I think going for neutral on holiday is a good idea, as it makes it a lot easier, less time consuming and of course means your makeup bag isn't overflowing.


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